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Different tips for hijabs and jilbabs Styles

Muslim women have a variety of options to dress modestly. The hijab refers to the general practice of covering everything but but the hands and face with loose clothing, but is also used for clothing that covers the head, neck and chest. The jilbab usually means a full body garment, long sleeves from neck to ankle. There are many styles of each type of clothing.

Rectangular hijabs

The hijabs are typically square or oblong envelope, bind, conceal and cover. Turkey is known for colorful scarves and square in a soft gauze, slightly translucent known as the Turkish or Turkish name muslin. The rectangular scarves are traditional in the Gulf region and are known as shaylo or milfeh. They are usually black in color and can be stitched or molded to match the abaya product that extends the neck just below the ankle. The layers of square or rectangular hijabs could extend or develop forms of formal wear.

Hijabs shaped

A hijabs can shape them to slip over the head like a tight cap. Al-Amira hijab comes in one or two rooms and slips over the head and covers the neck and chest. Mona styles or Kuwait slide on the head and are twisted before draping at the neck and chest. Designed for hijabs sport can slip over the head and closed with Velcro. Also formed in hats or turbans that can be used with a lolita dress or a second rectangular scarf. Some are designed as wedding dresses for the bride to buy a hijab before the ceremony, which eliminates the need for a designer hijab instead.

A Jilbabas

A jilbab is a long garment that extends from the neck just below the ankles and wear clothing that covers a Muslim woman in a private setting. Many have jilbabs duster style, like a long jacket buttons just above the ankle. Some have holes in the sides for easy walking. Some are closed from the bottom level retrosternal and a zipper or buttons from neck to chest. The jilbabs designed for nursing mothers can have a zipper neck just above the navel. For casual and sportswear are available since early 2000.

Several pieces of Jilbabas

A jilbab could have pieces designed to be worn under or over the jilbab. Some have decorative paintings jilbabs sleeveless or include pants, a skirt or a dress in the same fabric as the jilbab. A jilbab may look like a vest at the ankle and a blouse designed to match. Some sets include an abaya jilbab, pants or a skirt, housing and coordinated hijab. Jilbab, pants, skirt and housing are made of the same stuff, like the locker room, but the scarf will set a lightweight material.

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