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Different ways to remove scars

Every scar tells its own story and every people they evoke different feelings.However, if they lead to mental stress, then you should have to remove the scars.Pavement scars or scars albums are among the most common methods. But also an injection treatment, laser treatment or surgery may bring scars to disappear.

Many people are characterized by scarring.And everyone is bothered more or less of them.Whether after an accident, surgery or a skin disease -., There are victims who suffer under their scars Depression, mental stress and low self-esteem can be caused, especially if they are in the body, which can not be so simply cover it up with scars out.For this reason many want to remove their scars and it can choose from several options.

Different ways to remove scars

Patch, gel, or ointment: remove scars

  • A scar patch is breathable and is bonded to the scar. Mostly it does not contain any pharmaceutical ingredients. It tightens the skin and stimulates the metabolic process and tissue regeneration to. The duration of treatment is two to three months. By a grain structure, the grain plaster can be improved, a scar is not fully be removed.
  • The application of the scar gel or ointment can prevent itching and reduce redness. Can also be the proliferation of scar tissue are prevented. Twice a day they have to be applied.However, a complete removal of the scar can not be achieved.

Syringe treatment or dermabrasion

  • When the syringe treatment steroid hormones are injected under the scar. These make the skin smoother and flatter. Scars can also be filled by collagen injections. Completely remove the scars, can not this method. However, you can greatly beautify the complexion.
  • Under the dermabrasion milling off a scar is understood. It is used for small, superficial scars.The top layers of skin are removed by a special grinding machine. Wherein the skin surface is smoothed. However, the scar will not disappear completely and remains visible.

Remove scars: lasers or surgery

  • By a laser treatment especially scarring acne skin, but other scars can be removed.Depending on the type of scar different laser systems are used. However, the laser treatment can be very costly and is rarely covered by health insurance.
  • Scars that restrict movement, for example, can often be surgically removed. The type of surgical technique depends on the type of scar. Retracted scars can be relined for example, protruding scars, however, may be confiscated. It can also remove the scar tissue, sutured the wound again and be covered by new skin. Thus, especially larger scars can be removed

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