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Discover alternative sweeteners

Aspartame is a sugar substitute in our diet ince the 1980s, but since new alternative sweeteners have emerged.

Aspartame has long been questioned about its risks to human health.It is important to note today, after many scientific studies, no carcinogenic effects have been demonstrated acceptable daily intakes (ADI).Current consumption is between 2.8 and 10mg/kg, which means that even people who ingest large amounts of aspartame daily (diabetics, diet) have a consumption well below the ADI.But aspartame has a major drawback, however, his taste!bitterness that leaves behind is not to the liking of everyone, which resulted in the emergence of new alternative sweeteners to satisfy consumers.

Xylitol (E967)

  • It is a substance of vegetable origin. It is extracted from the bark of birch (Betula alba). It has the same taste properties as sucrose (sugar), but is twice less energy.
  • He brings more than a feeling of freshness, this is also why it is widely used in candy mint. It also helps to fight against oral acidity and stomach.
  • The French Union for Oral Health recommends daily use to fight against bacterial attacks on tooth enamel.
  • Its glycemic index is not zero, it makes use of alternative sweeteners used with caution, especially for people with diabetes.


  • It is the latest alternative sweeteners. Yet used since the 1920s in Paraguay and Brazil, it is only late 2000s that was incorporated in our diet. Indeed, it has long been regarded as a potentially abortifacient theory contradicted the moment.
  • There is no calorie, has a sweetening power than sugar forty times, and its degradation does not produce metabolic waste. This sugar substitute is beginning to be increasingly used in many beverages and lighter.
  • It is one of the most effective alternative sweeteners, but unfortunately the cost of production and therefore the purchase, consumption slows.

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