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Do you Know about Atkins diet

Called by its author “diet revolution”, the regime has taken the name of the American physician Robert Coleman Atkins was developed in the early 1970s, which was published in book form in 1975. Zoom on the scheme.

Followed by millions of men and women around the world, the Atkins diet is back in fashion today, as evidenced by a new book published by Plon in 2005, “Atkins for Life” and decorated with recipes n were not present in the original edition. It carries with it all the schemes called “Low Carb”, that is to say no or little carbohydrates (sugars), very popular now.

Principle of the Atkins diet

In light of the scientific knowledge of his time, Dr. Atkins developed a theory: it removes carbohydrates from your diet simply because they do secrete insulin, a hormone managing the excess sugar in the blood and is made responsible for fat storage. Once the carb apart, you can, in theory, ingest lipids and proteins to see willingness and evaporate the excess pounds.

The Atkins diet in practice

Atkins dietSince fat intake will not be to, according to the author, not considered in the absence of dietary carbohydrates, it is to remove alcohol and all sources of carbohydrates (pasta, sweets, breads, fruits, most vegetables, rice, starchy foods, cereals, yogurt, cottage cheese …) to draw the missing carbohydrate energy in fat reserves. Only 50 to 80 g of vegetables (as lettuce, spinach, cucumber) are allowed on the day.

We can then take control of protein foods (meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheeses, meats …) and fat (cream, butter, oils …), in short, many foods popular … but without bread or carbohydrate foods. You can eat as many calories as you want, as long as you respect these prohibitions.

Effectiveness of the Atkins diet

The method promises to cause significant weight loss: 15 to 30 kg while consuming 2 000 to 3000 kcal per day! Examples of prodigious weight loss have been reported in effect, at least in the short term, because then the yoyo effect is equally dramatic. Health problems are far from being rare due to nutritional balance disastrous.

Pros and cons of the Atkins diet

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this method? Short overview:

Advantages: This system is simple to understand. There is no need to monitor and restrict the amount of food allowed. Weight loss is fast and coupled with euphoria (by excess protein in the meal) and decreased appetite (by the secretion of ketone bodies by the body in response to the regime).

Iconvénients: This diet is disgusting and very quickly if you lose weight, it is only by weariness. In addition, the initial weight loss is often already in a water loss, not fat. It is indeed related to the fact that the body draws on its own reserves of sugars (known as glycogen) because we do not bring him in while organs are dependent (liver, brain, kidneys …) . Once these reserves are exhausted, the body uses the fat of course, but his muscles to provide glucose and therefore the energy necessary for the proper functioning of these organs. He gets tired and then produces substances called ketones. And when the rate is too high ketones in the blood, resulting in a state of fatigue, as well as inhibition of appetite *. Result: although they are allowed to eat as much as they want, followers of this diet actually absorb fewer calories because they have less hunger. Similarly, the state called ketoacidosis, causes unpleasant breath and strong!

About physical health, this regime is worrying because it fails vitamins and protective micronutrients lack of fruit and vegetables (vitamin C, polyphenols …), it is low in fiber, which can cause significant constipation and too rich in protein foods, with the risk of dangerously raise the blood levels and urinary uric acid (which can cause gout or kidney stones, especially in case of insufficient liquid intake). Finally, this scheme is “super fat”, it is not uncommon disorders of the gallbladder, and it is true that massive release of fatty acids is observed, this phenomenon is generally too abrupt generator lipid metabolic disorders, such as blood cholesterol excess, which promotes cardiovascular disease. Therefore, this plan was called by scientists “passport infarction”!

In conclusion, although the method looks nice with big appetites “carnivores” rather attracted by the salty taste, this diet is not recommended, especially in case of high physical activity.

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