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Doe eye easier with the new Annabelle-Smudge Paint

In a few weeks, Annabelle new launch makeup super exciting. I present to you two of my favorites today, two perfect products to create a long-lasting eye deer within two.

Smudge Paint


Annabelle Smudge Paint

Annabelle Smudge Paint

Smudge eyeliner paint is a long-lasting, waterproof, super easy to apply, that does not flake, does not slip, do not run and whose color is highly pigmented. What more?

Eyeliner Smudge Paint

Smudge Paint Eyeliner

In addition, the application system is interesting. The applicator brush is concealed in the cap of the product, so it is always clean and ready for use. Subsequently, we take the brush and dip it in the jar that contains a gel-cream formula eyeliner super flux which slides beautifully on the eyelid. You can draw a fine line or thicker using the brush flat cat’s tongue or right angle.

I tested it and it is one of the best outfit with eyeliner I’ve tried.

As it is a cream eyeliner, it can be applied on a larger surface and fade, to create a smoky look or vamp. It can also serve as a basis to apply a powder blush on top. Held foolproof guaranteed!

Available from August 2011 in 5 colors (I tested black). Offered at $ 10.95 CAD.

The Big Show Mascara


Mascara Le Big Show d'Annabelle

The Big Show Mascara Annabelle

I loved the Big Show mascara Annabelle. Everything is big in him: the tube is big, the brush is big, its formula is thick and it makes lashes super bulky. My God, it’s like the United States LOL …: o)

I do not have a million things to say about this mascara except it is excellent. This is really a good buy because the products are all Annabelle ultra-affordable and compares several mascaras prestige without problems. It gives a lot of volume, holds well, does not stain the skin and does not drool.

I use it every day since I got it.

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