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Drip candles make yourself: How to

Drip candles make yourself: How to

Homemade drip candles not only look beautiful, but the production is also preparing a lot of joy and fun.

Candles are something very beautiful, not only for the Christmas season.They offer a cozy atmosphere and can also be a real gem.The variety of candles models that you can buy in the store is very large.Often you can not decide yourself.Unfortunately, the price also plays an important role.Although some candles look very nice, but are very expensive and thus much too valuable to burn.Drip candles, for example, are very popular and popularly purchased candles, which are also very nice to look at.

Very easy to make drip candles themselves
To make drip candles yourself, you do not need much.You need an old bottle, which ideally has a slightly larger opening.Furthermore, you need to have one or several candles.This can either be a special drip candle or a normal, other candles.Thus, the specimen’s appearance especially nice, you should use different colored candles.The bottle is best obtained on a coaster, so no wax gets on the table.Who has a lot of patience, just plug the drip candle into the opening of the bottle, lights it and waits.The liquid wax drips all by itself down and embellished so at your own way, the empty bottle.If that takes too long, takes easily a few normal candles, lights on these, keep them informed of the bottle and can drip the wax evenly on the bottle.Repeat several times with all the different colored candles and thereby allow his creativity.

A beautiful candle for the living room
If the bottle is finished and it is so much wax that you can not see the actual bottle, you have to let it cool well this just yet.Liquid wax takes time until it is properly laid back and you can touch it.Prefer to wait a bit longer before you destroy anything yet.Now it has its own individually designed, own candle, which you can of course also be used.Such a beautiful candle holder has guaranteed not everyone.Homemade drip candles not only look beautiful, but also cost less!



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