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Dry lips – Causes and Treatment

Dry lips do not look nice and are often painful. However, they can be effectively treated with the right tools.

In today’s world is more and more emphasis on the external appearance and people spend more time than ever with personal care and styling.But above all, Dry lips disturb this otherwise beautiful appearance of many people.This dryness can have several causes.

Causes of Dry Lips
The skin on your lips is very thin and delicate, so when they cut or laceration is bleeding heavily.Another result that emerges from this is that the skin dries out very quickly.For example, if you drink too little.In order to preserve skin, they need plenty of liquid.These are missing, cracked and dry lips the result.But cold and frost put his lips to very strong.By the refrigerant receives the thin skin of the lips cracks and becomes brittle, whereby moisture loses.Another possible cause for dry lips is vitamin deficiency.Especially a lack of vitamin B2 and vitamin B12 has often such consequences.Furthermore, iron deficiency also be a possible cause for brittle and parched lips.But as absurd as it may sound, even a lack of strain, as is the case for example, when you laugh, can make your lips dry as the skin loses in flexibility and can break so quickly.

How can dry lips are treated?
Dry lips are not only unattractive, they often bring a discomfort or burning with it.To deal with this, you should first find out the cause.One suffers from dry lips from cold, help fat creams and special lip balm.Honey also causes miracles here.When dry lips by dehydration should ensure that the budget is balanced liquid.It is advisable to take at least two liters of water a day to themselves.You can exclude these two causes, one should consult a doctor and to create from a blood let.A vitamin deficiency can be quickly compensated by appropriate dietary supplements or diet.One suffers from iron deficiency, there are special iron tablets that compensate for this.But we should never take iron tablets on suspicion, but only on prescription from a doctor, as too much iron can be harmful for the body.So you can treat dry lips quickly and effectively.

Dry lips - Causes and Treatment

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