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Dry Scalp: fighting

Useful resources from the pharmacy and lifestyle changes can help against dry scalp.

Many people suffer from a dry scalp.Dry scalp frequently manifests by skin redness, tension and an unsightly dandruff.Both an itchy scalp, as well as a sore and burning scalp are perceived as very disturbing.Especially the dry air in winter and additionally heated living spaces are responsible for a dry scalp.

Funds from the pharmacy dry scalp

The best natural remedy for dry scalp are the Coltsfoot Coltsfoot shampoo and lotion.These two agents contain essential oils of lemon and burdock roots.The Coltsfoot is anti-inflammatory and a soothing.With stronger redness and itching with rough and greasy dandruff affects the Weidenteer shampoo.This is combined with sulfur, thyme oil and salicylic acid.This remedy is antiseptic and stops the overproduction of sebaceous glands.

What helps for dry scalp?

Basically, in all diseases and inflammation a dermatologist should be consulted.Especially, when the state through various ways not initially repaired.For dry scalp after washing the hair should not be rubbed dry with a towel, but the wet hair can be dabbed.If possible, the hair dry by itself, hot hairdryers can cause dry scalp and dry hair too.In addition, gentle hair care products with the correct ingredients help the scalp.
Featured are products such as rosemary, lavender, nettle, propolis, milk, honey and aloe vera.There are also hair products specifically for the dry scalp.Too frequent washing and the use of hair care products that will damage the scalp, should be avoided.For a healthy scalp and sufficient sleep and a diverse and balanced diet are important.The diet should contain minerals, vitamins and trace elements.Stress and anxiety, which pollute the soul, should be dismantled.There are many ways to switch off, to achieve as an example yoga or meditation, a total relaxation of the body.When washing the hair, the temperature of the water be lukewarm to hot water robs the skin fat.
When brushing and combing should be no metal and no sharp bristles are used.With a deep conditioner by different products, can dry the scalp can be prevented.To carry out a hair treatment, may also be used oil.Beer is excellent by the way to the hair by rinsing.

Dry Scalp: fighting

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