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Dry skin – Make a face mask itself

Who wants to do for his dry skin face mask itself should check beforehand why the skin is so dry

Dry skin can have many causes.Before treatment with various cleaning agents, and face masks, it is contemplated, then a dryness of the skin due to illness are excluded.diabetes and lack of vitamins can cause as dry skin, such as atopic dermatitis .In “normal” dry skin, for example as a result of cold or drought in heated


Spaces can create a wide variety of face masks for assistance.Who wants to make a face mask itself, will find many suggestions.

Thorough cleaning – a must
Before applying a face mask, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned.Masks out of the stressed skin again sufficient moisture there ready commercially.But you can also make the face mask itself.

Fruity moisturizing mask
A slice orange and lemon and a teaspoon of sugar to the boil briefly and let cool then refrigerate.The cooled best mask with a cotton ball to apply and rinse off after a short time.

Moisturizing mask on mayonnaise base
Of lemon juice with a teaspoon of olive oil and an egg yolk mix and apply to cleansed face.After 15 – 20 minutes of exposure, wash the face.

Avocado Mask
Half an avocado puree and mix with a tablespoon of cottage cheese and a teaspoon of lemon juice smooth.The mask for about ten minutes to apply and rinse with warm water.

Strawberry cream mask
Just as effective against the strawberry cream mask.Mash eight strawberries and mix with a good shot of cream.The whole thing for 15 minutes to give the skin and then wash the skin well.

Protein curd mask
Mix three teaspoons of curd with a protein on the skin and let it dry, then remove with plenty of warm water.
Dry skin - Make a face mask itself

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