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Dry Skin – what helps?

When the skin is stretched, itchy and red, it needs special care and drugs in order to be best equipped to eliminate the symptoms and prevent premature wrinkles and inflammation.Here, both specific medication must be used or applied as a help and a change in lifestyle or environment.Dry skin can be prevented even before his birth.

Dry Skin Care by excessive
To cleanse the body and the face is important, but especially those with sensitive skin should avoid excessive care and the appropriate skin type products use.Particularly moisturizing and mild, soap-free products are appropriate for this type of skin.
Dry skin should also be primarily recognized washed with cold instead of warm water, as this is the natural fat layer of the skin less attacking and relieves itching.Order not to irritate the skin slightly injured, was also only a small amount of cleaning product use and dabbed his face only to be rubbed dry place.Scrubs and toners containing alcohol should be avoided also essential.

The skin as a mirror of life
Although especially in winter the cold air can take dry skin strong, but you should spend as much time in nature to the skin perfectly to provide oxygen.Dry skin can also occur due to excessive sun bathing in the warmer months.Therefore, creams or makeup can be applied with an appropriate sun protection factor.Moreover, the humidity in the living areas are between 50 and 70 percent.This can be achieved using a humidifier in the room, indoor plants or water-filled shells.In order to supply the skin from the inside with plenty of moisture, should be daily drink two to three liters of water, tea or juice spritzers and ensure they are healthy and balanced diet, to provide them with the necessary nutrients.Moreover, treatment with Schuessler salts, Bach flower remedies or herbs can be very helpful.

Agents for application
Three of the most important ingredients in the fight against dry skin are urea, jojoba oil and aloe vera, as they moisturise, soothe and nourishes the skin with the necessary nutrients.Dry skin but can also be avoided by care products with almond oil or shea butter.
These agents are used mainly in creams, ointments, lotions, and highly concentrated in face masks and work best when applied during a bath or a steam bath, as opening through the moist, warm air pores of the skin and thus the can absorb nutrients better.


Dry Skin - what helps?

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