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Dull hair

Shampoo – essentially to clean – will struggle to restore softness and shine to your hair.

Think mask, oil, wax and delicious after-shampoo that nourish, sheathe and smooth scales, prevent the emergence of forks, soften the hair and make them more reluctant shine like a gloss (we love oil regenerating, purifying Natural Regeneration and revitalizing, Leonor Greyl, € 32.5, Zipporah, a selection of essential plant oils with stimulating properties and regenerative leave on for 15 minutes before shampooing, or just on the roots before treatment).

Brightness level, nothing beats good tricks grandmother mix vinegar or the juice of two lemons in warm water being poured on the hair before the final rinse.

Stains weaken the hair: blond turn yellow or green, auburn red or orange. To avoid this, use shampoos suitable for colored hair, which maintain color. This avoids the sun and protects them from sea water and chlorine with appropriate care, serum, cream, hair oil solar.

The tips are the most fragile hair, you think to protect the coating in serum before drying.

Care is better absorbed at night, they are applied at bedtime and rinsed in the shower the next morning. Yep! As for the skin, the night is a special time when the hair is more receptive than ever to care.

Our favorite tested for you (under the guidance of Albert …) is very efficient: the new cure restorative and energizing Noctogenist night, € 32.5, Kérastase. Bath jojoba oil and glycerin enriched with amino acids and vitamin E applied in the evening and leave on overnight. Deep care and suitable for all types of hair weakened (version Sail night yet fine hair enriched with Vita-Ciment ® and micro fat is less dramatic than the version on thick hair we recommend to everyone). Our hair is happy (less Jules: “No, no hug tonight not touch my hair! Neutralize You’re ALL amino acids!”), Our fantasy sated: the day we can finally put her shoes heroin Ads Elsève to go to work with a smirk before colleagues incredulous: “Nan nan, chui not go to the hairdresser, my hair is! “Thank you Albert … ! (And for active women who fail Step conditioner, we also tested: Cream Serum – Night Care Repair Frizz-Ease, John Frieda, 20 €, Marionnaud, that after the first night, had its effect in making hair soft, shiny and easy to disentangle).


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