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Effect of almond oil

The effect of almond oil as a beauty oil has long been known, for it serves not only the skin but also promotes well-being.

Already Cleopatra estimated the effect of almond oil, the pleasant smell and put it on a regular basis for personal care.No wonder because even today many people know about the effectiveness of the vegetable oil , which is actually also used in baby care.

Cold-pressed or refined – Has the quality influence on the effect of almond oil?
Anyone who has seen the oil in the supermarket shelf will be a closer these two concepts certainly met before.Basically, each oil is divided into these two qualities.Refined oils are usually cheaper.Depriving them with the addition of chemicals at high pressure and temperatures, contaminants, but also color and odor compounds.Some oils that have a very strong and getting used to smell, this is not so bad.Those who do not suffer from any skin problems, has found with refined oils a cheap alternative.Cold pressed oils are gently pressed, however, which means they are also heated very small.But this can also lead to the fact that the contaminant content is higher than is the case with refined oils.Those who have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies should rely on the effect of almond oil, which is grown under organic farming and harvesting.

Why almond oil?
This will no doubt wonder so many.The vegetable oil, which is extracted from sweet almond kernels, is particularly gentle on sensitive and dry skin.People with allergies tolerate this oil usually quite excellent.It is rapidly absorbed after application and leaves little glow to the skin.Also for eczema, dandruff or cracks the soothing effect of almond oil comes into its own.However, one should be cautious with the use of the oil in an existing nut allergy.

Effect of almond oil – food for the soul
For its calming effect can be not only a massage unfold completely.Even in people who suffer from severely sensitive or irritated skin, the effect of almond oil may prove positive after prolonged use on the general condition.

Effect of almond oil

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