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Effective tips for makeup with confidence from bobbi brown

Bobbi Brown emphasizes something that most women do not value the need to have good tools for makeup. Bobbi Brown says that most of the tools that accompany the products are ineffective and it is because of this that the makeup is not properly applied.

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Women should invest in good tools already because they will keep a long time then because they are much simpler and easy to use, and finally because their result is much better.

Effective tips for makeup with confidence

Here are the minimum tools that a woman should have in her makeup bag:

1) A concealer brush.

2) A brush for eye shadows.

3) An eyeliner brush.

4) A blush brush.

We can add to that other tools that can be helpful:

5) velor puff or powder brush to apply the fixing powder.

6) latex sponge or a foundation brush to blend and smooth the foundation (but you can also use his hands very well for this)

7) an eyebrow brush

8) a bronzer brush

9) brush lipstick

10) an eyelash curler

For hygiene and a good brush care issues, it is advisable to clean it every 2/3 months as follows:

-Use liquid soap or baby shampoo (special lotions for cleaning brushes dry hair)

-Form a cup with his hands and make the brush in soapy water run until hands are clean.

The sponges are about to wash every week and throw after 1 month.


The second thing that Bobbi Brown gives importance is the fact store her makeup to avoid having to continually search products. For this, the solution is to build a makeup kit containing all transparent transportation makeup and basic tools for small. Was able to carry this kit with us to travel where to touch up the day job. This little kit can also be helpful if one is invited to a party at the last minute and we did not have time to go home.

The rest of the makeup will stay at home and be able to sort them into bags for freezing zip. Each bag will contain a different product category: a bag for tools, one for the foundation, another for color.

This storage method has two advantages:

The see-through cover and avoid spilling his bag to find a particular product

-That each pocket for a makeup area: it scatters less and we go to the essentials.


Finally Bobbi Brown’s advice is to inspect its makeup and permanently get rid as far as makeup and that no longer serves us, that date too long ago or which is no longer in good condition. This prevents us from cluttering us useless products.

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