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Egg Carton – Craft Ideas

Egg Carton - Craft Ideas

If the egg box is empty, you can tinker a lot of funny things with children and let the creative juices flow

An empty egg carton does not necessarily end up in the trash.Instead, you can use the cardboard back and tinker funny characters or the like with children.From an egg carton you can tinker a lot, such as flowers, animals and more.Here you can let his creative output.

Animals from egg carton
What is to make obvious than birds or small chicken from an egg carton, but also rabbits and many other animals can make.
Birds / chicken / rabbit:
Materials: egg carton, construction paper (yellow, orange, red, white), yarn remnants (yellow, orange), pens, brushes, scissors, glue, colors (yellow, white, brown, black), styrofoam ball, optional Wackelaugen
Here’s how: For a bird is cut from a peak of egg cartons.Then paint with a color of your choice and allow to dry.In the meantime, you can sometimes cut the wings and the beak in the matching color.For chickens is also made to have a comb made of red construction paper.If the tips are made of dried egg carton can be the wings, beak and feathers attached to the head, or the comb stick to the head of the chicken.Will you miss the bird or feet so they stick to the inside of the egg carton top it with some distance two yarns.Now, from the construction paper cut little feet and attach them to the ends of the yarn threads.The birds can now have their legs casually hang over edge of table or the like.Besides birds, you can still make a rabbit.In addition, you will only need a small styrofoam ball that you painted with the same color as the top of the egg carton.Then we made out of construction paper or paws and ears and sticks to everything, once the paint has dried.

Flowers from egg carton:
Besides funny animals, the shape of the egg carton is also suitable for tinkering of colorful flowers.
Materials: egg carton, color (yellow), brushes, scissors, glue, construction paper (yellow, green), Plastikstrohalm (choose color matching flower), adhesive.
Here’s how: Cut off one head of the egg carton and paint with the yellow color.While the paint dries, cut from yellow construction paper, the outer shape of the daffodils and from the green leaves.When the paint is dry cut back the straw over the joint to 1.5 cm, and a little cut, so you can bend the opening.Then make it through the top of the egg carton and in the center of the flower a hole and then stuck both on the straw and bend the cut ends and secure them with glue.The leaves also provided with a slight bend in the middle and put everything into a vase.



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