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Erotic gift ideas to offer to her husband

To spice up her marriage or just to please her boyfriend, gift ideas erotic offered to the spouse, greedy, playful or sensual.

If, during a particular event, you want to offer these unusual and rogues, these gift ideas to offer erotic spouse will generate curiosity and interest, and perhaps rediscover her sexuality more fun and sensual for a night or more …


The voluptuous


  • Accessories rogues are placed in a good position to offer erotic gifts to spouse: libertines boxes with handcuffs, feather caresses, satin ribbons and mask … naughty little bell, fairly explicit, for the impatient who can not wait … boxes with massage oil aphrodisiac cream and scented powder to give her lover a session tinged with eroticism relaxation …
  • The choice of gift boxes is vast and will satisfy all sexual tastes, from the most delicate to the most rascally and splurge alone or in pairs.


The edible


  • How to think about the erotic gifts offered to the spouse without considering edible? There are a wide range of accessories and products to satisfy the erotic edible gourmet sex seeking to understand more delicious and fun.
  • Multiple boxes come in several flavors (strawberry, tangerine, chocolate …) and have massage cream, powder with feather duster, lip balm and body mist … all obviously enjoy carnally.
  • Handcuffs jelly candy, fruit flavored, perfectly stretchable and edible, delight lovers of sweets.


The educational


  • Among the erotic gift ideas to offer his spouse, are recommended books, which can suggest while leaving room for the imagination and fantasies. To inspire, dare to offer erotic novels …
  • Or why not informative booklets or guides, tips riddled with sexual fulfillment, but also on love games to practice.
  • Play, many games (the “softer” than “hot”) will allow you to discover fantasies and desires of your partner (and make her happy), but also to explore your sexuality and cultivate within your couple eroticism.

Erotic gift ideas to offer to her husband

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