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Evaluation of mascara MAC Studio Fix Lash

The range of MAC Studio Fix continues to expand.Normal, with all the success of the foundation Studio Fix powder for many years, it is also a favorite among makeup artists.

M.A.C Studio Fix Lash

So I was very curious to see if the mascara of the same name, Studio Fix Lash, was worthy! I decided to test it.Here is my assessment in detail.

Category: Mascara

Name: Studio Fix Lash

Brand: MAC

Price: Around $ 16 CA / 18 €

Overall Rating: Evaluation 4 etoiles

Key Features:

Definition-perfect eyelashes

Formula-light foam


Effect-lash volume and lifting

-No packets or lumps

Available colors: 2 – Brown and Black Studio Fix

Description officiell e: Covers saturated color lashes to give volume and definition of spectacular. This new formula in the form of lightweight foam gently applies. Its molded brush separates lashes while covering them with a fair amount of product from root to tip.

Personal Evaluation: What I like most about this mascara is that it does many things at the same time. He joins the likes of many! It lengthens the lashes fabric, and separates them both. It is easy to apply thanks to its lightweight foam formula, less liquid than regular formula, so there is less bleeding or spotting. In addition, it is also easy to remove.

The plastic brush (I’m addicted to plastic brushes!) Allows to separate the lashes and well lifter and stretch.

What is also interesting is the rich color and pigment, which gives the impact on the first layer.

By cons, as it is a definition mascara, the volume is light. The good news is that you can multiply by cons layers without lumps or packets, so after 3 or 4 layers, I began to be satisfied with the result, but this is not what we can call a dramatic effect mascara false eyelashes.

But apart from this, it is almost a perfect mascara! Therefore, my overall assessment is good.


Good-definition lash


-Foam formula is easy to apply new kind

-No burrs

Pigment-rich formula

-Cilia remain flexible without being dry or brittle


-More volume would have been interesting

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