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Evaluation of MAX Volume Flash Mascara new Rimmel

This summer I told you about a mascara that I really like because it has an excellent quality-price ratio, the Rimmel Volume Flash . And in the world of cosmetics, when mascara is a success, it is likely that we will find anew version of “improved” or is something a little more shortly after. This was also the case with Lash Stiletto recently with version Voluptuous .So here that Rimmel has decided to capitalize Volume Flash by launching a new version even more volumizing MAX Volume Flash. Having loved the first version, it was not that I did not give this new mascara. Here is my assessment after three days of application.


Mascara Rimmel Max Volume Flash

Rimmel Mascara Volume Flash Max


Category: Mascara

Name: The MAX Volume Flash

Brand: Rimmel

Price: Around $ 9 AC / € 9

Overall Rating: Évaluation 3 étoiles And … a quarter and a half … almost o)

Key Features:

Instant-thickening Mascara

Mega-brush, the largest in Rimmel

-14X more volume

-Enriched with collagen and keratin


No-mess, packages or lumps

Colors available: 1

Description officiell e: eyelashes for 10 seconds to thick pile: a maximum volume amplified.

-Our biggest brush with optimal coating technology, the hollow fibers and flexible sheathe the lashes one by one coat to perfection and amplify their maximum volume.

The exclusive-volumizing formula dries quickly to keep an application without mess and without lumps.

-Enriched with collagen to thicken lashes and Keratin to strengthen.

-Tested under ophthalmological supervision. Suitable for contact lens wearers.

Personal Evaluation: It seems that the principle applies generally to movies suites also works with cosmetics: Other versions success are never as good as the original … This is the case of MAX Volume Flash. I then said “what it gives to launch new versions more efficient if they are worse than the original??? “.I do not understand. If MAX Volume Flash was supposed to give more volume Volume Flash is missed.Volume Flash gave me a lot more volume than MAX Volume Flash, and faster. So for the next snapshot, revert it. After three layers, I got an acceptable volume, and I say acceptable, so ok to work for a daytime, but nothing to do with the range of super thick lashes that I usually enjoy.

For cons, I must admit that MAX Volume Flash is fewer packets and defines lashes better than Volume Flash. The brush coats lashes better separately. In addition, the drying is wonderful what can not be impatient, especially when applied three to four layers like me. Then holding is excellent. This mascara does not stain, does not bleed and does not flakes that can fall on the cheeks or rings.

Personally, I do not think the brush is more fat, the more we have the volume. It’s marketing (big = big eyelashes brush = psychological). The secret is the number of fibers or spikes. There must be many, and they must be compact. So we could create a very fine brush and accurate, but with lots of fiber compact. In any case, the big brush MAX Volume Flash is no difference, because Volume Flash has a smaller brush and gives more volume.

The other secret is the thickness of the formula. In general, we get a lot of volume with a mascara mascara with a thicker liquid. However, MAX Volume Flash is quite liquid. Volume Flash is thicker … Yet another improvement we say: o).

I also asked myself, is that the 14X more volume on the packaging meant. Is what it is 14X more volume Volume Flash (I seriously doubt), 14X more volume than regular mascara and then 14X more volume than nothing??? I would go for the latter option.

So I start to tell me that my grandmother may be right when she says “why change when things are going well? “.

However, I would just like to mention that despite my disappointment (when has high expectations-and I was-the disappointment happens more often o)), Max Volume Flash Mascara is good as a whole. It still gives a little volume, and everything is perfect, but for those who like a mascara volume without lumps or packets, but a lighter volume, you’ll be satisfied, because it gives more volume than mascara lengthening or definition.


Dries quickly-

-Good resistance


-No lumps or flakes

Beautiful pink pop-packaging (cardboard packaging with yellow and pink typography add to the effect!)


Volume-not up to the allegations

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