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Evaluation of the new Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara L’Oreal Paris


For those who know me, I am a real maniac volume mascara. Maniac in the sense that I became obsessed (still healthy o)) in search of ultra intense volume mascara that will give a glamorous range of thick lashes. Therefore, I try a lot of the new category in the popular mascara volume.

The mascara I’ve tested this week is the new Extra Volume Collagen, L’Oréal Paris, a good volume mascara, certainly, but not yet summun long sought but not found o). Here is my assessment details.

L'Oréal Paris Mascara Extra-Volume Collagen

L’Oréal Paris Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara

Category: Mascara

Name: Extra-Volume Collagen

Brand: L’Oreal Paris

Price: Around $ 12 CA / 15 €

Overall rating: Évaluation 3 étoiles


Key Features:

-Brush 50% larger than a regular brush

Effect-volume snapshot

-12X more impact

Complex-based hydra-collagen


-Does not flake, does not run, no lumps

Legal Description: L’Oréal introduces its new Extra Volume Collagen mascara. With our revolutionary technology that expands the eyelashes and enriched with hydra-collagen, it provides a breathtaking volume and incredible outfit.

Our formula of complex hydrated collagen builder is infused volume of collagen and instantly creates a stunning volume. It glides on lashes to give them 15 times more volume A mascara that lasts all day, without lumps, without dripping and without flaking.

Our instant impact brush is 50% bigger than conventional brush (compared with a volumizing mascara brush classic L’Oréal Paris). Our uniquely shaped brush coats each lash, from one end to the other of the lash line for instant impact. Silks tailored défrisent each of your lashes and swell to a maximum volume without clumps!

Ophthalmologist tested and tested for allergies. Suitable for contact lens wearers and contact with sensitive eyes. Can easily be removed with soap and water or eye makeup remover.

Personal Assessment: This is a mascara that does a good job for a volume everyday, but it does not effect dramatic as I was expecting. 12 times more volume … should have been compared to what I say. If I compare Voluminous, the most popular volume mascara from L’Oréal Paris, perhaps indeed the volume is slightly larger, but not 12 times. By cons, if I compare with some of my favorite mascaras volume as Lancôme Hypnose, the Smoky Lash Make-Up Forever or Cover Girl Lash Blast, but rather 12 times less volume and not more than 12 times .

To obtain a minimum volume of my satisfaction, I had three layers. After three layers, it is obvious that I had a few lumps, but the first layer, the promise of “no lumps” was respected. By cons, when the second layer, made my eyelashes packages, and it was impossible to undo. Some mascara brushes are so well designed that when the returns they defeated the packets. This is the case of many plastic brushes. But this big brush whose fibers are quite close together, fails to separate the lashes, and I did not get the beautiful range that I love, but rather sections of lashes.




Apart from this, I loved the big brush that glides well on the eyelashes and the curve which fits well with the fringe. By cons, as it is quite big, it is more difficult to reach the lower lashes or in small corners without stain.

For the outfit, I have nothing to complain about. I wore the very early morning (7am) ​​until late at night (around 22h), and left no stain and no flake.



-Does not stain

Do not flake-

Do not drool-


Manufactured-packets to the second layer

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