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Evaluation of the new Optimal Length Mascara Clinique

I love Clinique mascaras. I also evaluates virtually all new launches from the opening of the blog. So when I saw the launch of the new Optimal Length (High Lengths Mascara), I absolutely had to evaluate as well.

Clinique Mascara Longueur Optimale

Category: Mascara

Name: High Lengths Mascara / Mascara Optimal Length

Brand: Clinique

Price: Around $ 18 CA / 22 €

Overall Rating: Evaluation 4 etoiles

Key Features:

-Lengthening Mascara Instant

Brush comb-green curved to follow the natural curve of the lashes

-Nourishing Formula

-No lumps, flakes or stiffness

Eyelashes soft and flexible

-Defining and separating of lashes

Long-held anti-burr

Colours Available: 2

Description officiell e: Extend your lashes to new lengths. The eyes look bigger, more defined now.

Stretch of short eyelashes and lifeless to lengths beyond your wildest expectations with the new Optimal Length Mascara Clinique. This is the most lengthening mascara and more “lifting” Clinique today. It stretches the lashes up to a length novel while leaving lashes beautifully defined and separated. The new “magic wand” applicator curved’m the natural curve of the fringe of lashes, allowing the comb with three rows of teeth strategically placed to capture each lash at the root, reaching even the smallest lashes difficult to catch with regular brushes, leaving substantially larger eyes and awake, all without clumps, flakes or any stiffness associated with several Lengthening mascaras.

In addition, the formula nourishes lashes Optimal length to make them softer and more flexible. We thus obtain not only lengthened lashes to perfection, but also healthier and more flexible.

Like all Clinique mascaras, the formula Optimal length suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers and is tested under ophthalmological supervision.

Personal Evaluation: At first glance, I was a bit scared of this brush comb that looks like the mouth of a crocodile! But touching, I noticed how flexible she is. It takes some getting used to handle a little early, but the application is interesting. And it is true that it can better reach small lashes. In addition, it is less likely to injure or stain brushes with rigid plastic comb. If you press harder, the brush is curved and follows the movement of the cilia, which is interesting. For cons, the advantage with rigid brushes is that they allow cilia bend, which bends better, and “lifts” the best lashes upwards. Flexible brush does not have that power, so we forget the bending effect.

It means that no lengthening mascara to date does eyelashes false eyelashes like or eyelash extensions.By cons, it happens that some who give a lengthening effect that remark. This is the case of this mascara.Anything that is certainly impressive, but considerable given that it is a simple mascara.

The only problem is the multiplication of layers. I like to apply two or three coats of mascara and wait for them to dry before applying the next, but with this mascara, immediately apply the other layers may create packets.

Basically, I liked the good definition of the lashes with the brush, comb, the lengthening effect and holding.


-Lengthening effect visible


-No clumps, smudges or flakes

-Good resistance


No-bending effect

-We must apply two layers immediately without waiting, at the risk of creating packages

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