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Evaluation of the new Urban Decay Skyscraper mascara

 I decided to try this new mascara mainly because of its name. Skyscraper means “skyscrapers.” I then said, what better way to lengthen my eyelashes? I was also attracted by the tube super glam. Here are my impressions point by point.

Urban Decay Skyscraper Mascara

Category: Mascara

Product Name: Skyscraper

Brand: Urban Decay

Price: Around $ 26 CA / 18 €

Overall Rating:

Key Features:

-Extends lashes

Light-bending effect

Good-definition lash

Brush-3-sided fine, precise and easy to use

-Good resistance

-Natural Finish

-Leaves lashes soft and flexible

-Prevents discolouration and loss of lashes

-Vial decorative design

Available colors: 1 – Gotham Black

Capacity: 4.4g

Official Description: Join new heights with the new Urban Decay Skyscraper Mascara. This monumental breakthrough lengthen, strengthen, separate, curl, brighten and thicken your lashes without clumping or flaking. The brush has a flexible handle plastic and several rows of pins tapered comb the eyelashes from the root to the tip. Make it look to divert attention every time.

The Skyscraper Mascara formula nourishes lashes for an ultra-long, loud and soft as silk. It contains excerpts from “Shu”, an ancient Chinese herb that strengthens the lashes and makes them healthier. The deep black finish insured, packaged in a tube design finished in midnight purple “velvet touch” carries this mascara instantly at the top of the scale of the sexiest things!

Personal Assessment: One class this mascara Lengthening in the category. Thereupon, he did a good job.Certainly not impressive, but satisfying. I also noticed a slight bending effect and excellent definitioneyelashes. If not, it’s not bad at all. Urban Decay even if the property gives volumizing mascara that I have not found it possessed. The result is very natural, perfect for a daytime look or work.


I especially liked the brush. It is plastic and I love plastic brushes because they better define the lashes. It is also flexible to better match the movements and reduce the risk of injury, but also thin and long, allowing more precision during application. This property is advantageous for those who have small hairs very short, because the more the brush and thinner, they will be easy to reach and gainer. I liked to use for the bottom lashes. It saved me a lot of burrs!

Lashes remain soft and flexible, that I liked, as some mascaras make them dry and stiff. In the application, mascara and brush set great without packet accumulation or lumps.

Intense black color gives a lot of depth to the eye, but the finish is matte. I like the new trend of painted eyelashes, but the fact that it did not mat really bother me.

The vial is very pretty with decorations and black veils, it makes it very feminine and glamorous!

Holding leaves a little to be desired, since I noticed a few spots on my eyelids and dark circles at the end of the day, as well as a few flakes (but very few), but perhaps this would be less with a single layer (I used to overlay layers to infinity to see if I have more volume, which was not the case, then it is not necessary to put as much).

In summary, I am still satisfied with this mascara since I was expecting a lengthening mascara and that’s what I had, and the effect is significant. I recommend it to those who like a natural mascara that separates days, lengthens, defines and opens many look without weighing it down.


Good-lengthening effect

Good-definition lash

Black-intense deep


-No packets or lumps

-Fine brush easy to use and accurate

-Tube design and very glamorous


Spot-skin slightly at the end of the day

-No volume effect

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