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Excellent mask for dehydrated and sensitive skin

Excellent mask for dehydrated and sensitive skin

If you, like me, dehydrated skin, you’re always looking for products to relieve as well as a drink of water when thirsty.We do not want fat products, we want the hydration water. In addition, I have a very sensitive skin, so many products can cause irritation, itching or burning.

I recently discovered the soothing gesture sensitive skinrecharge water. This is the new mask Hydraphase Intense La Roche-Posay. It is a real spa bath hydration!

I told you the other launches the same range and they all enchanted me.

– Serum Intense HYDRAPHASE

– Hydraphase Intense Light

The mask Hydraphase Intense is both moisturizing AND soothing. Side hydration, it increases 65% in one hour. Side calming, effect was observed in 64% of evaluators after 4 days and 72% after 8 days. In addition, 79% saw a cooling effect and 94% comfort.

I love this mask is the fusion enveloping texture.

Waxy agents of formula have a point identical to the melting temperature of the skin: when the product comes into contact therewith, it heats up and melts simultaneously. The texutre merges with the skin. Very nice!

In addition to the thermal water, the formula is enriched with hyaluronic fragmented, one of the most powerful agents to rehydrate the skin acid.

It can be removed with a cotton after pause or keep it for the night. I personally preferred to remove and follow with my usual care, because let me keep a slightly sticky feeling on the skin. Either way, the benefits are felt during the pause and that was enough for me.

I use this mask 2 times a week and it helps me a lot!

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