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Exercises to stop snoring

This is a real embarrassment and inconvenience which may deprive the person with a snoring sleep.However there are some tricks to stop snoring.

To stop snoring it is necessary to take into account some tips that may be enough to stop snoring.If this is not the case other solutions, medical, para-medical or surgical should be considered after a medical consultation to assess the discomfort to the patient.Before anything else it will adopt a healthy lifestyle that will significantly reduce snoring.

Some tips to stop snoring

  • If you are overweight begin a suitable diet for overweight is one of the main causes of snoring.
  • Lie to regular hours. Before bedtime, avoid the use of stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, tea or tobacco. Also avoid large meals and dairy products.
  • Elevate your head with a pillow or a firm pillow. Sleep on your back side by blocking with a bolster if necessary.

Some exercises to stop snoring

  • These exercises have been proven and can greatly reduce snoring and even make a person stop snoring diligent. The goal is to beef up the throat and tongue by simple but effective exercises. These exercises are to be done by a series of five two to three times per day.
  • Say high way and articulating the possible vowels. Follow this exercise with pronunciation, always high way these syllables Lu lu lu, then ke ke ke and finally ma ma ma.
  • Touch the tip of your nose with your tongue by stretching it as far as possible. Remove the tongue from the mouth and hold it on one side for ten seconds and then repeat the same operation on the other side.


  • If despite all these tricks to stop snoring you do not see improvement, it will then attempt to use the products sold at this pharmacy or bring a tray in your mouth overnight. If the problem subsite, surgery may be considered if your doctor deems necessary.
  • If you snore also avoid the allergens that have a strong irritant and can cause snoring.Ventilate your home at least 30 minutes per day, including your bedroom.
  • Finally practice daily physical activity, such as walking, which will give you a better sleep.

Exercises to stop snoring

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