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Explore: 10 tips for dressing well during her pregnancy.

Discover all the missteps and to make the right moves to adopt to be stylish during her pregnancy.

Explore: 10 tips for dressing well1.     Avoid all synthetic materials that increase the risk of allergies.

2.    Opt for soft and natural materials such as linen, silk, cotton, wool, ideally hypoallergenic (eg organic cotton).

3.   Choose loose cuts that shake or belly or legs, weakened by pregnancy.

4. Take a pair of jeans and a choice of skirt or pants that will accompany you until thedelivery in specialized brands 0 – month:Véronique Delachaux , 1ET1 are 3 forms, want strawberries …

5.    Think of the major brands that offer small maternity lines at attractive prices as H & M and C & A or VPC Vertbaudet. Ideal to enrich your wardrobe as your belly grows without breaking the bank!

6.    Buy two bras pregnancy. It is essential that the chest is well supported. If you have large breasts, sleep with to protect your fragile tissue during this period.Also in winter take special tights pregnancy.

7.   Think of brands that offer good basic that will last you several months during pregnancy and you can then recover. We recommend the classic tank top and babydoll Small Boat ? If their cotton suitable for babies, it will also be good for you!

8.    If you are well proportioned, the option “I stole the shirt from my man! “Is for you. Scope ajar, sexy and comfortable, it will be a good basic to wear with jeans.

9.     The first three months, your stomach is small. To avoid indiscreet questions, choose blousants high, low waist pants worn with high fuzzy … and do not wear Empire shape! Contrary to popular belief, it highlights the smallest belly bounced.

10. A four to five months or more, depending on your style, take-hugging outfits to showcase your feminine curves or trapezoid shapes for perspective. Far from the conventional wisdom, all that is close to the body elongates your silhouette

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