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Eye makeup palettes or solo?

Many clients often ask me whether it is better for them to buy a palette of eye shadow (two or more colors) with harmonies already created, or choosing different colors and finishes makeup solos (sold separately) and create their own harmony. And responding to their questions, I realized that there were many factors to be considered in this choice, enough in fact, to write an entire article about it. So here, to help you choose too.




-The harmonies are already designed for you. For beginners or those who do not have easy to match colors, this is the ideal solution. For creative, sometimes it’s only new ideas are combinations which have never thought of.

-It is often more economical.

-Some palettes even come with instruction booklets, codes or numbers embossed directly into the pan, so just follow the steps and you get a perfect look, without asking where to apply a particular color.

-There are even designed pallets for eye colors in particular.


-If you already have makeup at home, there are great possibilities that you already have one or more of the colors in the palette. So you have to buy double colorways, you did not need.

-If you use the paddle regularly, makeup does not usually end all at the same time, so that you end up with missing colors and other half used, but you still need to invest for a new range, so waste inevitable.

-If you are conservative, you will eventually get tired of some cosmetics that suit us less in the palette.

Over-the palette of eye different, less likely it is that you use all the colors.

Makeup solos


-You can choose finished THE THE THE color and texture you desire, the choices are endless.

-You can create your own combinations and harmonies, according to your whims.

-If you like a color, quantity (grams) is often more important buying separately.

-You only buy what you need.


-If it was not artistic eye, it is hard to figure in advance if two colors go well together, or if two finishes fit together well.

It is also less-inspiring, especially if you tend not to dare.

Who should buy pallets?

-The novice, the hurry, not creative or do not have the artistic eye.

-Those who want inspiration.


-The budget who want multiple colors.

-Those who do not have much makeup at home.

Who should buy the makeup solos?

-Those who already have more cosmetics.

-The arts, those who like to try and create their own harmonies.

-Those who love to have one or two colors which are always the same.

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