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Eye makeup techniques for applying mascara

Makeup artists use different techniques to optimize the effect of Lengthening mascaras, volumizing and recourbants to give perfect eyelashes. Here are a few according to each specific need: volume, length or curvature. You can combine techniques to achieve two effects as both the length and volume for example. In this case, you can also combine the different types of mascaras. A layer of the second category and the other. I particularly like to apply a lengthening mascara first, then mascara volumethereafter.

In all three cases, always apply mascara by movements in the Z-shaped root to tip for good gainer eyelashes.


Use-based mascara. Suggestion: Lancôme Cils Booster XL (around 25 € / $ 24 CA). It maximizes the effect of any mascara to “boost” the volume to maximum.

Multiply-layers. We put more layers, the better the volume. For best results, let dry slightly between coats.

-Sprinkle your lashes between coats. This trick is a classic among makeup artists. Once the first layer applied, do not wait for it to dry and put a veil of loose powder eyeshadow or loose powder with a large brush for the eyes patting then superimpose a second layer. Wow effect guaranteed!


-Let dry slightly first layer. Thereafter, look down, then stick the mascara brush at the base of the lashes, but on the other side (above). Make a rotational movement anticlockwise (upwardly) with the brush by well penetrate between the eyelashes while pulling up the eyelashes. You may find that it is a little unusual, but the result is very interesting. It allows good stretch lashes.

-Use of the fibers. The fibers are like mini eyelash extensions (such as hair extensions). They just stick to your natural lashes, creating an extension. To maximize the effect, we must work to place the brush fibers vertically. Lengthening mascaras contain more fiber, but I prefer to add my own. They are available in a container of mascara with a brush integrated in the free form (as a loose powder). To apply it first passes without a first layer dry, then glue the fibers makes it dropping to the tip of the lashes. It ends with a second coat to seal it. Very effective, but requires a little practice. Suggestion: Tweezerman Fast Lash – Lash Lengthening Fibers (around € 9 / $ 14 CA).


The cilia-curve is obviously essential. We can not say enough. It is the most effective tool to bend the eyelashes and the eyes open. Use the curved eyelashes before applying mascara to avoid damaging your lashes or create blocks. Start at the base, taking care not to pinch your skin and press hard. Release your grip, then go back a little curved eyelashes and start pushing hard. Repeat until the tip.

-Immediately after the application of each layer of mascara (do not wait until they dry), press the handle of a brush, mascara brush or your finger on the tip of the lashes and press lightly to create a curve. Remain in this position until the dry layer. This technique requires a bit of patience, but you will be well rewarded!

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