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Eye Makeup Tips for carrying glasses

The glasses are nowadays more than a simple vision, they are now fashion accessories that can enhance our look, but carriers must adapt their glasses up to have a look harmonious, regardless of the type of glasses . Here are some tips from makeup artist to always be at your best.

Advice for all types of glasses

Curl your lashes, using a curved lashes so that your lashes do not rub in your glasses.

-Use eye shadow powder with good adhesion and pigmented. Forget makeup or loose powder very pearly because they are volatile and will lay a veil of powder on your glasses during the day, which decreases the quality of the view. You can also use cream blushes.

-To avoid making your eyes, pluck your eyebrows well to clear your eyes. Also, if you makeup your eyebrows, do slightly prefer the very natural colors (do not steal the spotlight from your beautiful mount).

-Adjust the intensity of your makeup depending on the thickness and color of your frames. If they are large and colorful, opt for a natural makeup in neutral tones. If your mount is pierced (such as Silhouette) or thin, you can intensify a bit to suit your tastes.

Glasses for myopia (difficulty seeing far)

If you are nearsighted, your glasses give the illusion that your eyes are smaller than reality. Therefore enlarge your eyes with makeup.

-Use light colors and finishes to brighten your look. Avoid smoky makeup type. Tip: Use an illuminator light (like a pearl ivory or beige) and apply a few buttons under the eyebrow, the center of the eyelid and the inner corner of the eye.

-Trace the outline of your eyes with an eyeliner, but begin only half of your eye (vis-à-vis the iris), blend the beginning of the line to give a fade effect and stretch it slightly at the outer corner of your eye to make it exceed a few millimeters.

-Use a lengthening mascara and definition (which separates the lashes well) to create a range of lashes that enlarge the eye.

Glasses for presbyopia or hyperopia (difficulty seeing close)

If you are farsighted, glasses give the illusion that your eyes are bigger than reality. Therefore rebalance using makeup to look not create a “fish eyes”.

-An essential basic concealer. Effect “magnifying glass” on dark circles will be twice as bad. We use a concealer the same color as our skin tone or a semitone clearer if the rings are very dark. Prefer textures rather than cream sticks that blend better to the skin to avoid accentuating wrinkles or skin to create a “crocodile”.

Already, the attention is on your eyes because they are very large, do not wear makeup in vivid and colorful too. Opt for neutral tones mats, velvet and satin. The pearly makeup attract more light and enlarge.

-Awaken your eye while balancing using a kohl pencil that you apply to the inside of your eye from the inner corner to the outer corner, the small wet skin that lies between your lower lashes and your eyeball. If you have redness in the eyes, use a variation of marine diminishing their importance.

-Avoid anything that hardens look like a black eyeliner makeup or very dark. We try to soften the eye as it is already large and accompanied by a frame that gives him strength.

-If you wish to use eyeliner, choose a natural color like taupe or bronze and blend well to give it a dreamy effect. You can also use a blush powder that you apply with an eyeliner brush. You get the same fade effect.In this case, you start at the inner corner of the eye and you will apply only above, never below the eye.

-For mascara, as the pen, it is only in the upper lashes.

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