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Eyebrow shaping properly: Instructions

It does not need more in order to pluck the eyebrows correctly – a small brush, a clean pair of tweezers and a bright place.

Who does not have this problem: Annoying eyebrow hairs where they are least needed.But if you want to pluck his eyebrows properly, so you have to just stick to some tips and tricks – and the whole thing is not rocket science more.Below you will learn about the proper preparation, tips and tricks and get an accurate guide to pluck your eyebrows properly.



Proper preparation

  • First of all, you should get his eyebrows with a small brush to the right shape. There are separate eyebrow brush, which can be usually purchased in combination with an eyelash comb at drugstores. Thus we see that hair must be removed. But it is important that you always just pluck hairs in the lower part of the eyebrows. Never pluck hairs above the brow!Otherwise, you would be risking an unnatural shape the brows.
  • You should also make sure that you are in a well-lit place is, for example, near a window. So you can pluck the eyebrows correctly and avoids unnecessary to tweak the skin. Who is very sensitive about this matter should better keep an ice cube to the plucking point so that the pain can be alleviated somewhat.



Tips for eyebrow shaping

  • As a tool to be able to pluck eyebrows right, it should of course be used in a clean tweezers.This is then added directly to the root of the Härchens. One should stretch the skin on either side, ideally with your thumb and forefinger. It is also important to always pull in the direction of growth and work from the inside out – so start in the middle of the eyebrows and work your way then either left or right.
  • However, the natural and fundamental shape of the brow are maintained and not too much to be plucked away. As these tiny hairs can not replenish itself, once you’ve torn out the root, you should consider carefully in advance how much you want to have gone. In addition, the eyebrow trends keep changing, for example in the 80s was a very thin eyebrow shape modern. Today we see on most models and fashion icons of our time rather bushy and full eyebrows.


  • Who now is still unsure of how to pluck eyebrows properly, for there are numerous tips and tutorials in various beauty magazines to read on the internet and there are plenty of videos on shaping eyebrows properly.

Eyebrow shaping properly: Instructions

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