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Eyebrows do not grow back more – what helps?

Eyebrows do not grow on does not mean that you have to despair. You can help.

For most women, their hair is the most important thing.Excitedly the appointment at the hairdresser is feverishly, glossy magazines to crawl in search of the latest hairstyle trends and brave are experimenting with the wide variety of colors.But not only the head hairs are important to us women, but also the eyebrows.Plucking or tweezing?Thick eyebrows or thin eyebrows?What is the ideal brewing form and what shape suits my face?Dealing with these issues of women today.She does not think of the nightmare that could pull through too much to be true: the eyebrows will not grow back.



Eyebrow plucking?– Yes, but from a professional

  • If you want a new hairstyle you go to the hairdresser. Therefore, you should take care of your eyebrows as well. How quickly has woman while trying to pluck their eyebrows even caught a few hairs too much and there is a visible gap or it is too much and you have plucked out the now become thin lines, which must be made no more than eyebrows. By a visit to a professional, you minimize this risk significantly.

Eyebrows do not grow back more – the quick help

  • At worst, it can take up to two months until your eyebrows grow back, depending on what stage of growth the hairs are. So you need a lot of patience. If the eyebrows are plucked for years while the hair root was torn out, the hair grows unfortunately no longer.


  • Probably the easiest way to conceal about missing eyebrows is to use an eyebrow pen that allows you to trace the shape of the brows simple. Context it is appropriate to resort to a waterproof eyebrow pencil.


  • The much more expensive and slightly more painful option is to opt for a permanent make-up.Here, the eyebrows, much like a tattoo, engraved in the top layer of skin. After about two to three years the color fades again and it can be nachgestochen.


  • So you see, there are some ways you can get beautiful eyebrows, even if you are among the women who have to complain “eyebrows will not grow back.”

Eyebrows do not grow back more - what helps?

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