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Eyelash glue to apply – how it works

False eyelashes provide skillful eye premiums – to but you have to use eyelash glue, and true because the action would otherwise go into the eye

False eyelashes, whether black adorned with rhinestones or colored, give every face a glamorous expression and every blink a slightly wicked coquetry.But attaching this for many women become essential accessories is not easy and requires a lot of tact.



Eyelash glue to apply: Make must be respected

  • Before you want to apply an eyelash glue, you have to know that they exist in different colors.The white glue has the advantage that you can see which parts of the tape were dark lashes already coated (dried it is transparent). The black adhesive is compressed but something more visually and underscores the lid margin.


  • It should also be ensured even if the product is waterproof and for a prolonged period of use (one to two months) is intended, or may only be used once. Located on the package no corresponding thereto notice, it can be assumed that it is a water-soluble eyelash glue is that holds only until the next makeup removal.


  • Most are the glue that are integrated in the packages with the false eyelashes, of poor quality.So it pays to buy your own bottle (these are more practical than the tubes because they already contain an applicator). Note: there are also eyelash glue, which are not suitable for contact lens wearers.


Eyelash glue to apply: How it’s done right

  • Hold in length tailored to your eye, trimmed lashes with tweezers or your fingers and sprinkle with the adhesive. Special attention should be paid to the ends, as they cling to the worst.After that, the glue to dry for about a minute.


  • Then, take the eyelashes and presses it into the center as close as possible to your own lashes, his eyes are open best half. The ends are pressed with a cotton swab. Last you should still wait a minute or two to the next make-up so that the glue can dry completely.


  • Of course it is also possible to attach the adhesive single artificial eyelashes between own eyelashes. Finally, it is recommended to apply the eyelash glue, pull between the false eyelashes and the skin to a swipe of eyeliner to make the transition look more natural.

Eyelash glue to apply - how it works

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