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Eyelashes – that you need to consider

Beautiful Eyelashes give a woman’s eyes a fascinating charm and false eyelashes conjure seductive glances.

What woman does not dream of being able to enchant you with her eyes.A successful Augenaufschlag seduces best with long eyelashes.Who by nature rather thin or short eyelashes have can buy fake eyelashes, and so one’s eyes to impart the desired expression and the enchanting charm.



Real hair or synthetic hair

  • Eyelashes made from human hair are usually made of goat’s hair, they are a little higher priced and deliver accordingly a convincing result.


  • False eyelashes made of synthetic hair are usually less expensive to use the real hair Winmpern absolutely equal standing, but does not give the mascara as close as human hair lashes.


The correct application of a strip lashes

  • It takes a little practice to correct false eyelashes to be attached to one’s eyelids, but with patience and anticipation for the seductive result, the process is worthwhile for sure.


  • Before the tape is created with artificial eyelashes, the eye must be clean, grease-free and completely free of any powder, makeup, mascara or eyeliner. The rest of the make-up of the face, however, can already be completely finished.


  • With the eyelash curler now own eyelashes are bent into shape. Then take the artificial lashes carefully with tweezers, cut them with a pair of nail scissors to the desired length and sweeps the bottom of the strip lashes with the included skin-compatible adhesive.


  • Once the adhesive has dried a little, the fine work begins, for now, the eyelashes band, starting in the middle of the eye, mounted on the closed lid. It should be noted false eyelashes as close as possible to stick to the own lashes and the ends gently but firmly nevertheless good. To prevent an injury, this is best done with a cotton swab.


  • Within the next ten minutes, the lash band be removed to konrrigieren order. After fifteen minutes, the adhesive has reached full strength.


How it works with individual art eyelashes

  • Not only as a lash band, but also individually artificial eyelashes are offered. These are individually made with tweezers, dipped in glue and glued to the lid margin.


  • Both variants are made up after the application of eyeliner and mascara as usual.

Eyelashes - that you need to consider

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