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Eyeshadow Pupa Silk Luminys

As an artist, makeup artist, I am very picky side eyeshadows. I search? Silky, slippery, opaque colors and pigmented and a long dress.

The new family eyeshadow Luminys Pupa Silk meets all my requirements. I literally fell in love with these blushes!

The technology behind Lumnys Silk is cooking cosmetics (instead of being squeezed like traditional makeup). The pigment powder is mixed with water to obtain a paste. It is then poured into molds for terracotta baked for 12 hours at a temperature of 60 degrees.Water evaporates from the paint and there remains only the paint. The advantage of this technique is that the pearl pigment do not break and retain all their brilliance.It also creates a unique texture, soft to the touch. These can be used as makeup to dry as wet (wet on the brush or sponge before application). The application givesmore wet opacity.

The formula Luminys Silk is a concentrated color pigments and precious pearls, which put together, give a spectacular result: vibrant colors, and a uniform look perfect every time.

To see the results Luminys Silk, Pupa has created a short video (in Italian with subtitles in English by cons).

I already touched makeup cooked before, but never as soft and silky. I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of pigmentation. Pupa Silk Luminys can compete with any professional eye pigmentation level and held. Color covers the entire skin from the first application: no need for a base cream and no need to multiply layers. It’s fast, easy and fun.

Nuances 300 Raspberry (gauche) et 200 Candy Pink (droite)

300 Raspberry shades (left) and 200 Candy Pink (right)

The Luminys Silk is available in 10 colors. I tested grades 200, Candy Pink (a bright pink) and 300 Raspberry (an average copper plum).

Raspberry et Candy Pink sur la peau

Raspberry and Pink Candy on skin

In addition, the amount of makeup is generous. The Silk Luminys are big! They are also hypoallergenic and tested under ophthalmological supervision.

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