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Face masks to make your own for pimples

Recipes for facial masks to make your own for pimples and oily skin. Everyone has the required ingredients in the fridge.

Who is prone to blemishes or pimples need not always resort to expensive cosmetic back.These recipes show how to make cheap face masks for themselves can produce pimples.

Tomatoes and honey mask
With only two ingredients that you have actually always at home, you can easily produce a face mask for pimples.You need two tomatoes and a tablespoon of honey.The tomatoes are mashed with the blender quite fine.Tomatoes should be very watery, remove excess water.Now give the honey to it and the whole puree again thoroughly.The mask on the face and leave on for ten minutes.Then rinse with warm water.

Yeast Mask
One of the simplest but most effective recipes for face masks to make your own pimples, is the yeast itself.Mix the yeast with warm milk just a cube into a paste.Apply to face, let stand for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.Then apply cream face well.The mask should be applied twice a week.The yeast mask smells a bit strange, but it fulfills its purpose perfectly.

Yeast mask with peeling effect
Oatmeal, some milk, yeast, honey, ground almonds and a dash of lemon juice (concentrate) mix to a paste.On the face, apply leave ten minutes and wash off act.The oatmeal and the ground almonds provide the exfoliating effect.Honey and lemon disinfectant effect.

Tea Tree Mask
Two heaped tbsp flaxseed (coarsely ground in the coffee grinder) with 1/2 cup of strong chamomile tea can stir swell (2 bags / cup) and.Then a teaspoon jojoba oil, a teaspoon herbs Sweden and five to eight drops of tea tree oil, stir and add.The mask to the skin and covered with facial tissues.Then keep in touch with terry and leave about 20 minutes.Then the mask wipe with paper towels and wash residue with warm water.Thus, the pores close again, rinse with cold water.The mask should be applied a maximum of two to three times a week.All the ingredients you get in the health food store, the pharmacy or in organic shop.Here you can possibly can it ground flaxseed.

For all face masks for pimples is to make himself generally: Only apply on the cleansed face.The best mask for oily skin does not help with an unclean face.

Face masks to make your own for pimples

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