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Facial peel do yourself

A refreshing facial scrub that causes the detachment of the upper layers of skin, you can easily and effectively establish itself.

If we trace the long history of cosmetic care, we find that even the ancient Egyptians their skin splurged a facial scrub from a mixture of fine grains of sand and water.This effective treatment has been preserved to the present day, however, to have the “ingredients” to change something.Our skin is exposed daily to numerous influences such as pollution, stress, drought, sweat or weather.Thus, the skin will be charged more or less intense, which can without a special facial peel easily lead to bad complexion, pigmentary anomalies, imperfections or keratinization.

The facial scrub and its effect
It is recommended at least one week exfoliation treatment.Of course the trade holds countless Exfoliants ready, but there are a cost saving alternative, you no chemical additives can easily make yourself.When the self-made concoctions now easily with a sponge or your fingers and massaged into the skin for a few minutes, can you get a very surprising result.After the face is peeling namely rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, a clean, smooth and fresh skin emerges.

Facial scrub for different skin types
As different as the people themselves, so does their skin types.We distinguish, for example, impure and oily skin, combination skin, normal skin, dry or very dry skin as well as sensitive and delicate skin.Each of these special types of skin takes a unique beauty treatment, to feel completely at ease.A care that is not matched to the type remains, however ineffective.This is of course also on the facial scrub, no question.Who here tend to be prone to bad skin, treat yourself to a weekly yeast-milk scrub.For this purpose, some milk and half a piece of baker’s yeast is heated.Did the yeast is now fully resolved, one adds a tablespoon of flaxseed.The resulting mass is then massaged in a circular motion into the skin.Once this has dried slightly after some time, it can be rinsed off with warm water.For people with large-pored skin, however, is more of a face scrub out of curds and honey, while dry skin reacted positively to an almond yoghurt peeling.The classic among the scrubs, however, a mixture of two tablespoons of wheat bran, about one-eighth liter of water and a dash of olive oil.After a five minute massage and time of exposure to the skin feels silky soft, fresh and relaxed.This scrub is also characterized by a high curative effect.

Facial peel do yourself

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