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Facial skin – get a fresh look

The facial skin, the only body part that we can not hide, is the calling card of our appearance and requires care to look fresh.

Our facial skin is every day different environmental influences indoors and in the open air.As the only part of our body, they can not be hidden or wrapped in clothes and is a mirror of our individual being.When we are tired, or the elasticity of the skin decreases, the need to re-fresh facial look.A few tips can help bring the flaccid complexion back on track.

Instead apply too thick makeup rather nourishing creams
Mostly women do have the ability to nachzuhelfen effectively with make-up of the lack of freshness in the face.Too thickly applied make-up, however, has the opposite effect visually and also makes an artificial impression.But even the most expensive products to replace foundation, blush or powder is not a caring and effective basic treatment.This does not even have to be expensive.Nourishing creams with lots of moisture in the skin do really well – just the way of men’s skin.

Sufficient sheep and masks refresh and tone the skin
Basic requirement for a fresh and youthful looking complexion is adequate sleep.Lack of sleep not only makes big eyes, but can make the skin look gray and limp.Well rested, the facial skin is rosy and fresh.Breaks should treat his skin about the weekend and they indulge in a soothing and firming mask.Who likes it, of course, can hold his face with cheese and cucumber masks or masks fresh curd and honey.Face bath with herbal essences provide deep cleansing and relaxing also.Subsequently, the face should be always well moisturised.

Healthy diet and plenty of water are like a fountain of youth
Those who are comfortable with their complexion says you should definitely pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet.Lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and unsaturated fats should replace sugar foods, greasy and overly salty largely.To excessive coffee and alcohol should be avoided if possible, as to nicotine.All three substances are toxic in large amounts for the skin and make them look gray and limp.Acts as a fountain of youth: who daily drink one to two liters of water will be rewarded with a plump and fresh skin.


Facial skin - get a fresh look

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