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Famous Abaya designs from around the world

Abaya designs has been changed with time. New Abaya and Hijab styles are available and we have organized a beautiful collection for the ladies. As far as I remember or I have studied that Abaya used to be simple black dress with loose ends. It was worn by Arab women while going out of the house. It is considered both religiously and socially important. The Arab society is considered to be the society of riches. With the discovery of oil the Arabs of Middle East flourished in the way no one imagined. Yet they did not left their traditions. Instead they gave new meaning to tradition and custom so it can be adopted by their new generation. The same happened with Abaya designs. Now there are different types of Abayas available in the market such as Dubai Abaya, Saudi Abaya.

Prices of Abaya Designs

Abaya is considered very important in Islamic world. The design Abaya also vary from country to country same as the price. I have collected some of the Top Abaya in the world from the Internet. The list of Top Abaya includes Abaya with diamond and gold embroidery work. So you can imagine the price of such Abaya and they can be bought by Rich Arabs belonging to Royal Families. On the other hand there are simple Abaya designs available in the local markets at much cheaper rates. These Abaya can be worn on daily basis. Abaya is often followed by Beautiful Hijab Styles

Different Abaya Designs

Like dresses there are different Abaya designs worn at different occasions such as Bridal Abaya Design. The bridal Abaya is specifically designed for brides and is decorated accordingly. The day to day Abaya are designed to make them look elegant and easier to wear. The party wear Abaya are latest innovation. These Abaya are currently focused by fashion designers. The Abaya industry has become the part of fashion industry and there are numerous Abaya fashion shows held every year. The main aim of these shows are to demonstrate the latest style of Abaya. It is considered to be a platform to introduce the Arab tradition to the world.

The Abaya is now not only limited to Arab world. It is worn in different non-Arab countries like Pakistan and India. Many other Muslim countries wear Abaya in different forms. Due to cultural changes the shape and design of Abaya differ in different countries. Yet the basic purpose remains the same which is to cover the body.

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