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Female Guilt: How to handle it?

Guilt is a complex feeling that is generated based on responsibility, remorse, self-criticism, condemnation by your actions, etc. It has been around forever, particularly in women.

Although try silence, guilt is present, telling you what is right and what is wrong, judging one way or another … But who says what is right and wrong?, Who is the judge?

You are your character, therefore, it is very good that you question these points, and that will make you reflect on your life … What is right and what is wrong, what is good or bad for you should reflect it yourself, ‘ll avoid feeling guilty about what others expect of you. Do not beat!


It is important to try to control the guilt, knowing yourself … otherwise, can block you and prevent you to continue forward with your successes and your failures, but living your life the best you can … 


It is normal to feel guilt when:

– You can not accomplish everything you set out to

– The requirements will exceed

– Fail on your personal goals (work, family, couple)

– You can not meet the expectations of all those around you

– Do not feel like you wanted

– Do not feel happy with the life you lead and can not find the solution to change


  Who has not felt guilty sometimes?, Who has not been afraid of being alone for not complying with the demands of others?, Who has not done things I do not want just to avoid blame? … Who has not suffered for all this? …


How to deal with guilt?


The fault, in short, although it is inevitable, it is still dangerous when excessive.

It is important to have into account such these tips will help you control it:

– Avoid dualistic thinking. Not everything in life is black or white necessarily, there are nuances. Accept that not everything is as good or as bad, can help you decrease your needs.

– Do not compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Try to be the best in everything you do, however small it is.But do not compare yourself with others, is a competition with yourself. Recognize your accomplishments, whatever, will do away with guilt and feel better!

– Consider your ideals and your values, but acknowledges that may not be shared by the people around you.

– When the blame, it’s good you take it as a sign and try to reflect on it. Think of yourself and your life is very rich, and can help you understand why your guilt. If it is valid, it is good to try to reverse the situation that generates guilt, if not, we advise you to think … You’re the star of your life, do not beat yourself you’ve acquired faults of others, and have no to do directly with you.

– If you really feel that you have done wrong, and have caused harm to others, not enough to feel guilty, the important thing is to do something about it. Guilt is passive, and you should try to be active on your progress …

– Acknowledge your own mistakes, but avoid useless complaints and criticisms to make you feel guilty and will block. Be yourself the protagonist of what you try to change yourself. But also recognize your merits!

You can not be everywhere … You can not be useful for everyone all the time. Remember this simple phrase: “all you can” and accept it with joy.
Do not give up fighting for what you really want and you propose. You can get something positive out of guilt, not paralyze you or disqualify you.

Give the best of you, as much as possible, with the comfort of knowing you’ve done your best effort …


Do not blame yourself for what went wrong, you will always have opportunities to start over …

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