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Find the diet that suits you

Your waist is a hot topic you permanent? You are a (an) unconditional (the) diets and have tried them all? Yet few pounds lost in the prices of many efforts to gallop back … STOP! It’s time to find YOUR diet.

All plans allegedly miracles may in the long run cost you, not only in terms of money but also in terms of health. But this time, you think you have found THE miracle diet. Before embarking for the umpteenth time in this spiral, ask yourself the method that you decided to follow. Answer the following statements. If you get a majority of YES, you are likely to lose weight permanently, finally.

1 – Have you talked to your doctor about your concern about weight and diet you intend to follow?

Start by informing your doctor of your intention to lose weight. This is your health advisor. He knows you and will help you. It will analyze with you the plan you intend to follow and motivations.

2 – The program does not promise weight loss of more than 1 kg per week?

Weekly weight loss should not exceed 1 kg. When a person loses weight quickly, metabolism tends to slow down and weight loss quickly reaches a plateau. As soon as we begin to eat more, the lost pounds back. This leads sometimes to weigh more before his regime. Weight loss of 500 g to 1 kg per week is reasonable.

3 – The system allow you to have a varied diet?

Any weight loss program should allow for the most varied diet possible where all the food groups are represented.

4 – The program is not based on making special foods or medicines?

When you follow the diet is varied, you do not have to (e) use of special products, taking supplements or other treatments. This is definitely changing your eating habits and having regular physical activity that you will succeed not regain the lost weight. Wacky diets containing grapefruit, pineapple, capsules plants, special teas “eat fat” are useless.

5 – The diet that you must follow is personal and you have not been given by your sister-your neighbor …

A weight loss program should be tailored to each person. We are all different as the physiological point of view, our eating habits simply our way of life. The effectiveness of a system through a real customization. Indeed, this is perfect for some may not work for you and vice versa. This is particularly true in the field of food tastes. Strict menus include foods that you do not never give you want to follow.

The decoy

Lose a few pounds to get better in his body and especially his head, why not? But this should not become an obsession or a habit. The yo-yo on the scale is not only demoralizing but can also be dangerous. Permanently change your eating habits and above all be satisfied (e) no powder, cream or potion can not get rid of your extra pounds by magic! The variety of foods, cooked nicely, consumed during meals and real that regular physical activity are the surest ways to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

So if your weight loss program meets the criteria listed above, you have completed the first step you can lose your extra pounds.

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