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Find your personality according to the colors

Find your personality according to the colors


Which color suits you best?


Depending on your personality, your mood or image you want to, there is a right color for you … We help you find it!


– White

If you characterize yourself as being:

• Sensitive
• Innocent
• Simple
• Safe
• Positive

You can also use it if this is what you want to convey … But beware, if you want to prove you’re strong, do not choose the white.

– Black

If you identify yourself as a person:

• Who likes the solitude
• Choose the silence
• Cautious with abrupt changes or important decisions

If you recognize these characteristics in you, the Black is the color that best goes with you. Use it when you feel you need to assert yourself and show yourself as a person who is respected.

– Grey

If you are a woman:

• Stable
• Determined
• Independent
• Self-sufficient

When you need to show that you have the authority, without question this is the ideal color.




– Red

Your color is red, if you are a woman:

• Energetic
• Impulsive
• Optimistic
• Risky
• That trusts itself

We recommend you to use whenever you need to confront someone, be nervous or situation you face is difficult.

– Yellow

Yellow is for women:

• Very supportive
• Suffering for others
• Creative
• Cheerful
• Timid
• Spontaneous
• Optimistic

This color you can use in any occasion, is bright, cheerful, and reflects all your good features. 


– Orange


• You feel proud of your own achievements
• Have serious nature
• You are sympathetic to others
• Have ability to personar

Undoubtedly, your color is Orange. So when you think you must show these features, do not hesitate to use some of this color. 


– Pink


Choose pink if you feel a woman:

• Romantic
• Innocent
• Naive at times

You must be careful when you want to use this color, a good opportunity to put some of this color is when you go with a guy, but you should not overdo their use.




– Blue

The Blue goes best with you:

• If you are stable
• If you try to implement what you think
• If you know listen
• If you are totally faithful with your friends

It’s a cool color, tranquilizer. It is good that you use it if you feel that someone should tell you something …

– Green

If you are a person:

• Fighter
• With high hopes
• Optimistic
• With great force
• Empathy with those around you

Each time you use it, you will feel calm, relaxed, and in a state of great peace.


– Purple

• your instincts guide you
• You are creative
• You are independent

If you recognize these features, your color is Purple, which represents the midpoint between energy and stability.


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