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Finding the perfect lipstick Advice

The number of tubes of lipstick that is unused accumulates at the bottom of the bag to make is the proof that it is not always easy to find the perfect lipstick that suits us.




What does it take to find the perfect lipstick?


    • The lipstick is not only perfectly match your skin tone, your eyes and your hair but also your entire makeup.


    • Consider also the color of clothing you choose for your lipstick does not stand out too much of your outfit.


Suggestions from experts


    • According to experts cosmetics, blondes have interest to opt for shades of lipstick as sweet as peach, pale pink or apricot.


    • They advise, however, to brown, especially if they have dark skin, choose colors from pure red colored earth of Siena or salmon color.


    • As for redheads, they will be advantaged by warm shades of brown, orange or burgundy iridescent. For ladies with white hair or gray, pink, red and pink transparent but clear support are recommended.




Choose a lipstick according to other criteria


    • Designers will adjust to the texture of the lipstick models to the type of fabric they are wearing (glossy, matte or satin). Without going so far, it is good to consider some aspects to properly find the perfect lipstick for yourself.


    • If, for example, you have thin lips, lip gloss colored give more volume to your lips. However, if it is your very meaty, a more matte lipstick in the volume decrease in appearance.


    • Over the years, small wrinkles are sometimes stay around the mouth. If this is the case, avoid lip glosses and first draw a thin pencil line natural color of the outline of the mouth. Then apply your lipstick with a brush.


Once at the store …


    • When it comes time to find the perfect lipstick in a store, be sure to test the color on your hand and check the color in natural light. Made several attempts, do not just buy the same lipstick that is yours for years, you may be depriving you of a change to your advantage .

Finding the perfect lipstick Advice

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