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Fingernails maintain: Here’s how

See your hands in a short time and little money from beautifully maintained, maintain fingernails: how it works!

So now the most important thing here summarized in four steps: Maintain nails: How it works: It starts with the cleaning process: First, the nails cleaned with a non-acetone nail polish remover.Although no previous nail polish was used, this step does not hurt, since this allows dirt and grease to be removed carefully.Given enough time for the nails are treated in a warm bath, which was enriched with olive, almond or special nail oil, which is available in the drugstore.


Cut and shape of the nail

  • Who the reduction of the nail through a file is not enough or takes too long, should take scissors to better draw on nail clippers. These are easier to use, so that the breaking of the nail to avoid cutting.


  • Then the nail is shaped evenly with a file. The best are like fine sand paper or glass files. They provide a very gentle treatment.


  • Special caution should be exercised in metal files, too coarse and immovable files prezise prevent the formation and lead to the splintering of the nail. Work. Always from the outside to the inside, while the file should be moved only in one direction, so that the result is uniform and smooth


Maintain cuticles and nails: Here’s how

  • The cuticle should, if not done already by a Fingerbad be soaked with a cuticle remover. The term “Cuticle” should not scare you, they are here mostly oils that make the skin more elastic.


  • The cuticles should be trimmed in any way. It serves to protect the nail bed and is therefore vital to the health of the entire nail. Removal can lead to inflammation, which not only look unsightly but also deform the regrowing nail and very painful.


  • Instead, the soft cuticles are pushed back gently. This works best with a wooden stick, if you have no special tools at hand.


  • During rubbing of the hands should not be neglected nails so they do not dry and brittle. For the care of the cuticle is also next to a normal hand cream or nail olive oil that is massaged in the evening and overnight acts to keep them supple and to keep them from tearing.Fingernails maintain: Here’s how!


Finally, the paint-

  • Nail polish is not only color, but also conceals small imperfections and strengthens the nail.He does not break so easily, and is maintained with good quality of the paint even.


  • Whether clear or colored, the color choice depends solely on your personal taste. But always remember to use dark nail polish on a colorless base coat, so that the nail is not discolored.


  • So the nails look after the next cleaning of even optimal care: care for nails: Here’s how!

Fingernails maintain: Here's how

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