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Five Aspects Of Blind Fitness, Exercise Capacity Tests

Exercise capacity (EC) refers to the people to participate in sports training and possess the ability to body shape and overall performance, quality, performance, skills and mental capacity and other factors a person. Usually we say athletic ability means the activity of the body in motion performance. Including general athletic ability (basic athletic ability) and special exercise capacity (the ability to sports).

Keep in exercise capacity tests, mainly on the upper limbs, core, lower limbs, flexibility, cardio five aspects of the test, the test specific actions will be taught in great detail. The test results will be integrated motion scoring and recommendations, and for individual test results will be improved, in general, good, perfect these items. After the test is complete, then the following combination of fitness have a better understanding of their bodies have a better understanding, better know in the future what the emphasis on training.

The benefits of upper limb training:

For boys, train them with diet, and soon you’ll be lifted arm to show your well-developed muscles, so that the girls are looking full of a sense of security. For girls, worship sleeves, butterfly sleeves, let us dare to wear in the summer beautiful sleeveless dress, Enhancing the upper limbs, fat disappear, arm muscles become tight, do not worry there will be stout muscles, says Kirsch , the female body is not easy to train a large number of muscles, because of the lack of male hormone (testosterone), unless genetic variation.

Moreover, the strong arms, shoulders, chest and back muscles of the upper body is equivalent to wearing a suit of armor to fight injuries and pain. Studies have shown that resistance exercise can help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, or reduce the severity of injuries.


The benefits of core training:

The core is the middle part of the body, the shoulder is less than the hip region, including the pelvis, including, as a whole by the waist, pelvis, hip, and comprising 29 muscles. Core muscles responsible for stabilizing the center of gravity, the conductive power and so on, is a major part of the overall development effort, the activities of the upper and lower extremities, forced to play a pivotal role nexus.

First, let your upright posture, body beautiful. In many cases, we say that a person has a gas field, referring to the man to our overall impression, between the gestures to attract the kind that comes out of you, not just his appearance, his clothing, and his upright posture. And this figure alone is not enough confidence, you need to have good support core muscle area, the saying goes, “rise, chest, abdomen,” and for one hour, two hours, you can, however, remain the go Manner of this is the need to exercise.

Second, in the movement to improve the body coordination. For example, taekwondo, kick kick all kinds, from the waist force began; volleyball tennis table tennis, watching the arm waving, in fact, depend on participation in the upper limbs and waist forces.

Third, stabilize the spine, pelvis, reduce sports injuries. In life, we believe it will move a heavy Bayao flash, long desk, spine, lumbar spine is prone to problems. Enhancing core strength, we can effectively protect our bodies.



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The benefits of lower limb training

There’s an old saying: people old legs first decline. Thus, the importance of the body’s lower extremities. The legs are the foundation of our body, the body is a source of strength, imagine two toothpick legs capable of supporting live our body? Many movements of the lower limbs with high demands, whether it needs to run, jump, or play, with strong lower limbs can be at ease in the movement.

Enhancing the lower limbs allow our body looks more coordinated, just muscular upper limb, lower limb Kuchai which it is difficult to see it. Our physical fitness is to become more healthy, beautiful body becomes, not just to show off how crude our arms, chest much.


The benefits of flexibility training

Insufficient flexibility, it may seriously affect the flexibility of our bones and joints, the shoulder will be open, squatting down, spine excessive pressure and a series of joint damage and other variations of the problem.

Stretching exercises can promote muscle relaxation and reduce stress. Recent studies have shown that slow, static stretching helps reduce muscle soreness after exercise. For example, today, climbing for a day, not at night if the leg muscles relax, stretch it, it might appear the next day muscle pain and other symptoms. Stretching may help the body adjust soft tissue structures, thereby improving bad posture in everyday activities. For girls, Enhancing flexibility, you can make a lot of graceful movements, bringing a high degree of happiness and personal satisfaction.


The benefits of cardio training

Cardio-training, human nature is to exercise cardiopulmonary function, Popular, is the body’s ability to pump blood the heart and lungs inhale oxygen, affecting the body’s organs and muscles. The greatest advantage of cardio training is beneficial for cardiovascular health, as far as possible away from the disease.

From the shape of the body, the cardio training can lose excess fat and gain muscle. Psychologically speaking to a group on cardio, sweat and enjoy the feeling, the mood will get better.



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