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Five tips to cure dry hair

Read all our tips to revitalize your hair dry.

Limit shampoos

Shampoos too frequently attack thealready dry hair. Wash your hair as possible. To always have a feeling of clean hair, there is a trick: do not wash the roots.

Leaning his head down in the shower, hanging lengths, just not to wet the top of the head, shampooing and rinsing, before quickly absorb water by placing a dry towel on top of the skull . Allow to dry naturally.

Moisturize with a natural mask

Olive oil has been recognized for centuries for its moisturizing properties. Mixed with lavender essential oil, it becomes a powerful moisturizer for hair.

After heating the mixture in the palm of the hand, it must be applied to the lengths (absolutely avoid the roots do not lubricate the hair) and stay put for ten minutes before rinsing. A renewed every week.

Mask the avocado, egg and olive oil also works well. Simply mix these three foods to obtain a smooth paste, then apply on the scalp. Leave for 30 minutes then rinse. To perform once a month.

Rinse hair with cold water

Cold water attacks less hair than warm or hot water. It can also give them extra shine and softness once dried.

Banish the dryer and straightener

We do not say enough, nothing better than natural drying to avoid drying her hair. In winter, to avoid getting sick, you can opt for a kiln drying but cold air.

It is recommended not to take more than a week brushing, and not accumulate dryer and straightener to achieve it. If you are addicted to brushing, then you must always put a moisturizing mask on your hair after each shampoo and a nourishing oil before each thermo-smoothing.

Care styling

Never brush your hair when wet and still prefer the comb. Select essential styling products without alcohol. Do not put too much hairspray, gel or foam.

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