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Flat stomach for wedding


Only a few months to say yes to life? And as every bride wants to be radiant for her wedding day, we offer the latest trends in beauty side make you a true queen of the ball. Since the care of your teeth and mouth to get a smile, we think the trend now “flat stomach” to sparkle in your wedding dress.

Today our opinions will focus on the capacity of the products to reduce fat and tone your stomach in a short time to find a shapely figure and toned for the big day

Your cosmetic dictionary
Packaging cosmetics are full of unfamiliar terms for most people. To clarify things and know what cream to choose, we offer a description of each type of cream that you can find in the market.

Tonic or firming cream: after abuse of sun, dehydration, pregnancy or some variation greedy, skin experiencing a release against which we can fight through firming creams. These little beauties are challenged to keep your body young, smooth and firm . However, they do not replace the practice of regular physical activity to keep your skin toned.

The Body ShopRemodelling reducing cream or “reduce” means eliminating fat, whereas “remodel” implies to give another shape to the body. While not meaning the same thing, these two terms are linked in the sense that reducing fat, these creams are reshaping the skin and therefore also the body.

Clinically tested cream: this means that the manufacturer has conducted studies in the laboratory or clinic. However, this does not necessarily mean that the promised results are verified 100%.

Cream without perfume: These products are intended for people with sensitive skin. They contain no artificial fragrances that can irritate your skin. However, we sometimes abuse of the term, why should revise the list of ingredients.

Active Ingredients: They are responsible for the results the product promises. It is a term frequently used to market body creams.

Cream Hypoallergenic products are known to have a low probability of causing allergies, especially sensitive skin.

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