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Floor tiles or cover: Tips from a pro

Who has not, a nice apartment is found but the only flaw are the floor tiles.This does not please one and you do not even spend that much money for a retiling, just because it is only an apartment often.Floor tiles is covered over easily and cleanly remove, so that the original state is guaranteed with a possible extension.Thus, the landlord or owner is mostly agree.

Floor tiles or paint over or cover should be pre-arranged with the owner or owners

  • To avoid unpleasant surprises, should a change in the interior design with the landlord or owner of an apartment in the run are matched. Eventually you get a rent rebate or a material grant if the work is performed and even clean.
  • This is the floor tiles stick no problem. No craftsman is required. This work is easy to perform and give the imagination a wide margin. For wall tiles are offering a sweeping, but in floor tiles is not a good option, because this is very strained on entering. Here tiles are used on glue.

Color selection and quality make the difference

  • At most hardware stores, the user is a wide range of colors and patterns on the stick floor tiles offered. Many are suitable for decorative purposes only, so do can be recommended by a consultant the right material or the appropriate manufacturer.
  • The possibilities are endless of overstickering almost. So it is suitable, for example, heavily use floor tiles to stick with a PVC or laminate. Especially in the kitchen area, this is highly recommended. Maintenance is carried out very easily and quickly.
  • Even removing is a slightly out of hand. Another possibility would be to lay a carpet. This brings warmth and serenity in a possibly large room or even in a living room or a nursery.

The use of floor tiles or cover

  • The market offers a wide range of possibilities. Inexpensive tile designs, washable materials, residue-free removal, accurate cutting of foils, wide range of colors in gloss or matt finish, individually mounted and beyond Season cheap prices.
  • The surfaces to be glued must be moist and the adhesive surface of the film is to touch it with wet fingers, as it may cause unsightly dimpling. The Fliesenaufkleber is now mounted in the correct position and can be moved when wet millimeter.
  • Once the moisture has evaporated slightly, the tiles sticker is removed from the inside to the outside surfaces with a stable blunt scraper. Already the work is done.
  • Alternating color combinations bring good humor into the bathroom and expel Morgenmuffel about sticking through the floor tiles.

Floor tiles or cover: Tips from a pro

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