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Flossing and proper application

40 percent of the tooth surface will not be reached by a toothbrush. Therefore recommended to always have the additional use of dental floss.

For a thorough dental care brushing with a brush is essential.This alone is, however, in no way, as a toothbrush at the contact points of the teeth can not do anything.It just stay there, in the spaces between the teeth, hanging always leftovers, so that bacteria can accumulate and multiply.For this reason, recommended that before each brushing additional cleaning with dental floss to perform.

Choose the right dental floss
There is a huge selection of dental floss with certain characteristics.There waxed dental floss that slides easily through the gaps, but is somewhat thicker but.Unwaxed is indeed thin and cheapest, but they shredded easily and is for people with very tight spaces difficult to apply.Furthermore, there are also floss with Teflon coating which is similar to handle the waxed easily, but has a lower cleaning performance.Additionally, you can also floss with fluoride, chlorhexidine (reduced bacterial) or obtained with different tastes.

The cleaning technology makes
One begins with the fact that about 30 centimeters long, one tearing thread, and both ends of the thread is wrapped around the index finger, to about 15 cm yarn remains.If the dental floss is fixed in this manner, rotate the hands with the faces downward and holds the thread with the index fingers in position.Now you can begin the cleaning.
Best to start behind the last molar, whether lower or upper jaw, and works so of teeth prior to the other side.This puts you on the stretched thread behind the tooth and move it by moving back and strutting on the tooth side along the top.Subsequently, the first intermediate space is up.Here, it is important to ensure that the intermediate space of two teeth is limited, so also are two sides to brush.This occurs here as well, as just described.
After five spaces to change the place with which one has geseidelt by just a few inches of floss from one finger and the other fingers wound.In case of problems you can have the cleaning equipment also can show once again by his dentist, or aids, fall back like dental floss holder.


Flossing and proper application

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