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Flowers according your zodiac sign

Did you know that each sign is associated with a flower?
Discover the flower that characterizes your sign:

Your personality is reflected in demonstrating passion flowers.
Tulips, lilacs, poppies and geraniums flowers are suitable for you.
The colors range from orange to the Reds.

The flowers are recommended for bullfighting: lilies, daisies, violets, poppies, violets and roses. They can be of all colors, but the most suitable are the pink, yellow and red.

The love and feelings govern this sign. Flowers for you will be roses, violets, honeysuckle and lilies.

The flowers more suited to the personality of the cancerianas are: roses, lotus, lily and lilac.

According to this sign, your flore is the sunflower.
It is a strong sign of confidence, which is demonstrated by its flower.
Yellow flowers are also chosen by the leonine.
The wallflower, poppy and rose are good choices …

This sign likes small flowers, such as daffodils, chrysanthemums, jasmine and acacia.
Daisy is perfect!

This is a sign that is characterized by balance and strength.
The hydrangeas, daffodils, violets and carnations will be the ideal.
The purple and white will be good for this sign.

It is a passionate and sensual sign.
Exotic flowers are keys to you.
Tulips, carnations and poppies are best.
Colors: Red, in all ranges.

Carnations are the flowers suited to this sign. Associated with this sign passion and force of personality.
They are also good choices orchids, gladioli and daffodils in light green, pink and yellow.

It is a strong sign, very responsible, choosing long-lasting flowers.
Violets, the cimbalaria, and honeysuckle are the most chosen by this sign.

This searches perfection, elegance and beauty.
Gladioli, dahlias and thoughts are the flowers chosen for you.
The chosen colors: black, purple and yellow.

The Piscean choose lilies, wisteria, and willows.
Daffodils will also be good for you!

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