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Foot muscles and relaxation

Foot muscles work all day, because whatever is done, everything depends on them.Constantly active, pain may occur.

Walking, being held too long standing or sitting too long, running, carrying loads, so many situations that cause foot muscles work continuously.At the end of the day, regardless of the position adopted is pain felt in the feet or into the legs.



  • At rest, the muscles are soft, rested. From the least effort, they harden to allow our daily activities. At the bottom of the body, the muscles of the foot force all the time, are contracted out all day.
  • However, like other muscles, they need rest so that blood flow is best done, the muscles are réoxygénés correctly, they no longer suffer, and especially that they are relaxed, they found elasticity without being too hard.



  • Various techniques are possible to relax the muscles of the foot as does rest with your feet and legs a little more elevated than the rest of the body. Traffic leaves, the foot muscles no longer force, the sense of relief comes. Legs fare worse. A massage with cold water can also do good and relax.
  • However, there is a solution that can hurt the moment given the contraction of the muscles of the foot. Stepping on what are called “wooden shields” can relieve. By spreading them on the ground, you have to walk over but mostly perform circular movements or switching feet on one side and the other.
  • This technique applies to the soles of the feet but the heels and toes. Many people may know it as it is also applied to the back .
  • Without realizing it, everyone uses the muscles of the foot. Being seated cross traffic at the knees and feet are that bad. The shoes are too tight or too warm for certain seasons can also be a nuisance to your feet.
  • On returning home, relax the muscles of the foot, is to begin by removing his shoes, socks, get comfortable in slippers.
  • Many effective solutions that enable people suffering from foot muscles to relax without medication, without a doctor but, on the contrary, quite naturally!

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