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For interior professionals: Wall Color Purple

The color purple, so purple mixed with white was formerly the color of unmarried women – for some reason the color is still a spinster aftertaste.Purple is the color that the Christian tradition of repentance, the call of the color has not necessarily been good.Purple is also still both introversion and for the Corrupt – one still finds some time increasingly home accessories in purple.The wall color purple is enjoying increasing popularity.

Difficult to combine
Grateful for their popularity has flared up again, the hue seems to not be.For furthermore: Purple is hard to combine.The intermediate color is a mixture of blue and red, and only allows a few combinations.It’s still not impossible to do with liafarbenen furniture, accessories or even entire walls of a cozy atmosphere.Combined with muted colors such as gray, brown or black, creates a charming, old-fashioned atmosphere.Purple combine with black, would nevertheless be a mistake.This mixture acts quickly to dramatic, so should not only black furniture is selected.

Cream combined with purple tones
White, or better yet subdued shades of cream, combined with bright purples other hand, generate a thoroughly romantic atmosphere.Cream-colored curtains to a wall is painted in a very pale mauve act harmoniously.Since purple is considered old-fashioned color, it fits well, it means the vote.Particularly suitable are art nouveau furniture – after Lila was next to one of the preferred green colors of Art Nouveau.Who does not like to spend a fortune on Antiqiuitäten can also buy uncoated and unpainted furniture and paint them yourself.Once you have decided on the wall color purple, you can now customize the color of the furniture perfectly to the wall color.Who wants to underline its purple walls should choose as bright tone, as one otherwise can quickly get enough of the color.Especially in small rooms Purple is not really suitable.

As in nature,
Anyone who is still unsure of how to combine purple, can be guided by Mother Nature.The interplay of colors there may, in the Inneineinrichtung not be wrong.Accordingly, good fits a rich dark green to purple.Also a covered white looks good both indoors and outdoors.Who wants to take it carefully, can decorate his apartment and once held a lush bouquet in purple – lavender, violet, rosemary, purple tulips – There are enough opportunities.And keep in mind that Purple is reputed for all his bad qualities and that it refreshing and calming effect.


For interior professionals: Wall Color Purple

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