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French Manicure – Simple homemade

A French manicure is a quick way to beautify their nails. Using a few items and a little practice, they are made very fast even.

The easiest way to embellish his nails, to provide it with a French manicure.Natural beauty comes first with this method, which is why French Nails are also comfortably worn in everyday life.Without much effort, and only a few tools, the French manicure is done quite easily yourself.

This type of nail design is originally from France in the 18thCentury.The aim of the French manicure was the damage caused by everyday dirt black border to make under the nails unrecognizable.Then dirty nails were regarded as a sign of a lower social class.Though now unkempt nails are no longer socially prejudicial, as they are ugly but still.

Utensils – What You Need
The remedy for a perfect French manicure are available in any drugstore.One of the most important things, which you will need include:

  • Nail White Pencil
  • Special nail file (for smoothing, cleaning and polishing of the nails)
  • Template
  • Nail polish (clear and light pink)
  • Nail file, depending on the nature of the nail (sand file with soft, brittle nails, diamond file for hard and insensitive nails)
  • Nail bath

Often, special pre-sets are available that already have all the components.

How it works
First, the nails are filed into shape.It should be noted that the shape of the nail can affect the appearance of the whole hand decisive.Thus oval nails appear longer optically hand, while great professionalism square nails for a striking appearance care.After filing should carefully remove the cuticles.Then the finger tips for a few minutes to be immersed in a hand bath.Now the primer coat is applied.This is dried, the white paint – also called white Ridgefiller or tip-Whiter-paint – using a template to line aufgetragen.Als Smilie Smilie line is the transition from the nail bed called to nail.This is easier when the brush of paint is slightly beveled.When the white paint has dried, the stencil is removed carefully and then apply the base coat in French rose or beige on the entire nail.As a conclusion a shiny top coat is applied as a finish.

As a variant, the nail can be refined with a white nail pencil, this rapid method conjures instantly fresh and radiant-looking nails.The trend is in the direction of different colored paints which can be applied instead of the white paint on the nail tip.

“Permanent French Manicure”
A classic French manicure holds when it is self-made, only a few days.Decides woman but for a more permanent solution, the result can be up to two weeks can see before another visit to the nail technician should be scheduled.In so-called “permanent french manicure” nail is modeled using a special light-curing Nagelgels which is then cured under a UV lamp.The nails are so resilient, the applied paint lasts longer.

French Manicure - Simple homemade

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