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Get GLOWING SKIN with 5 steps

Glowing skin can turn the head of any red carpet or in any room. This flawless look is to look natural, but chances are it’s the result of a slight cosmetic-of-hand. We tapped makeup artist Scott Barnes, who placed enviable skin radiant Jennifer Lopez on the map through its paces five luminous beauty.

What you need

A marker is just a product to connect to create this effect makeup. Your complete kit should include the following:

Cream Concealer
Makeup Contour
Translucent Powder
High quality, natural bristle makeup brushes, including a tapered contour, little concealer, foundation, blush and powder brush great
Step 1: Create Dimension

To create a skin lit-from-within, Barnes emphasizes perfecting the art of contouring. “You want to bring light into the center of the face to make you shine,” he says.

Start dimension by applying a cream concealer in a shade lighter than your skin tone. Try: Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. Using short strokes and a concealer brush, like Giorgio Armani Concealer Brush, concealer place in the middle of his forehead, the center of your nose, over the bones of the forehead, under eyes and center of chin.

Make use of contour near where you want to subtract light and create depth. Using light strokes and a tapered contour brush, like MAC 168 Contour Brush Wide Angle, create an arc instead of a straight line under your cheekbones. Other areas that include contours Barnes routinely sides of the nose and along the jaw line and the hairline. When choosing makeup contouring, go for a bronzer powder foundation or liquid that is “a shade darker than your natural skin tone,” says Barnes. “If you go deeper than one or two shades, you will start looking mud.” Try: L’Oréal Paris Powder real game, which comes in a variety of colors.

Step 2: Layer and Blend

After reinforce the layer on your face in foundation. “I like to use foundation lighter (think liquids or creams without thick consistency), with a lot of brightness to add a glow to the skin,” says Barnes. Try: YSL Touche Éclat Le Teint Illuminating Foundation. To apply the base, pass a foundation brush, as Giorgio Armani Blender Brush in small circles. “You want to make sure your makeup is not sitting on top of your skin,” he says. “It should blend with the natural fluids in your skin.”

Step 3: pop your Cheeks

Do not make the mistake of trying to create a contour with blush. “Let the business to contour your makeup,” says Barnes. Instead, choose a blush that is close to your natural flush and apply it on the cheekbones (instead of following their cheekbones), mixing the apples and upward toward your temples. Try: Maybelline Fit Me Blush.

Step 4: Add a hint of Shimmer (But just a suggestion!)

“Shimmer Highlighter creates light and bone structure,” says Barnes. But knowing when enough is important. “If you’re using a marker cream or powder, in any case, less is more,” he explains. Try: Urban Decay Cream Highlight in Sin UrbanGlow. Apply it to the higher realms of your face, which includes the middle of his forehead, the center of your nose and along the top of your cheekbones.

Step 5: Set your brightness

After all its stratification, the final touch of translucent powder is the most important, according to Barnes. Using a large fluffy powder brush like Bobbi Brown Face Brush, swirl translucent powder over your face to set the look. Try: Lancôme Translucence Mattifying Silky Pressed Powder.

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